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Who invented the internet?

If you ask us who invented the telephone or the TV, we can answer in a single name- but that is not at all the case when it comes to the history of the internet. In fact, the internet was not created by any one person, but it was created by a series of people and it evolved a lot as well. The initial idea of the internet was brought forward by the Leonard Klein rock right after the publishing of the paper named “Information Flow in Large Communication Nets” as on May 31, in the year 1961.… Read more >>

What is the internet?

A brief overview:

The Internet, which is also known as the net, in short, is the fundamental system of all the existing computer networks. It is the kind where one user belonging to a computer can gain information from another computer (only after having permission), and it also lets the one user interact with the other as well. This system was first brought up by the Advanced Research Project Agency, also known as the ARPA, in the year 1969 and the system was first termed as the ARPAnet. Actually, the main aim of creating was to ensure the fact that two research computers could be used in order to make confidential interactions from far off universities.… Read more >>

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Internet is the most revolutionary inventions of our time. The internet has effected the way we live and function on micro and macro levels. As per a research in 2011, 30.2% of the total world's population uses internet. In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Internet.

Internet has a huge impact on individual users, companies and various other social groups.To start of with individuals, internet has transformed the way individuals socialize. You want a new place to eat out or find an apartment? Internet has the answers.… Read more >>

 Increase your traffic and user engagement following these methods.

Wondering how to increase traffic to your site?

Gaining viewers and increasing user engagement is the nightmare of all the bloggers, easing out there are a lot of tools.  You are not going to reach people unless you use proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing. The concept of attaining visitors by providing proper content and resources are no more effective though Google is trying to keep it up by giving out frequent updates changing search algorithms. In the end content, and the service you provide will give results. If so then why do we need proper search engine of optimization (SEO) if content is the king.

After post check list for Search Engine Marketing optimization.

After post check list for Search Engine Marketing optimization. Integrating Search Engine optimization in articles for better results.
Writing article is a big mess, but is that all? Does writing quality post alone help you reach your target audience and goals? Well I don’t
have to explain about the competition you will be facing when you publish that post which you have been working for a lot of time with a lot of efforts put in. It’s simple, even with a 100% unique article, without doing proper Search Engine Marketing optimization(SEO) Google will never know you existed.
Image Optimization Techniques
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the only way that brings real visitors in to your blog or website from Search Engines Organic Page Results (SERP). Majority of Bloggers (and even some corporate companies) focuses on Content optimization and some basic SEO tips like Web Page title, Meta tags and URL structure only for better ranking on Google. There is another way also and that is, Image Optimization.
Why Image Optimization is Important?
techandseo images

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Link building strategies.


4 Link Building
Strategies for blogs That Still Work Today


What is link building in SEO?

Link building is one the most working strategy in terms of Search Engine Optimization. A simple definition of link building is, it is the art of getting websites to get links to your website for improving your website ranking on Google and other search engines. There are many ways to get quality links to your website. In this post, I am introducing four white hat link building strategies. These tips are for SEO beginners. As link building works well, there are some demerits also.

blogs are very important in SEO and maintaining people. It should be
there in the list of few reasons why any user should come back to your
site. Let me tell you what happened to this site two months before. We
were all ready with all the content and the template of the site looked
good, but one thing we missed out was the template interface in certain
android devices and Google Analytic was giving me a hard time as it kept
on showing me more bounce rates and exit rates on android devices. And
finally one day when my friend called me up and "Hey Francis, there is
something wrong with the site.

new bloggers guide, a quick look

All ready and spoofed up for running your personal blog? Take a quick look at the few things you need to know when you start your voyage ahead as a successful blogger. This is not a full walk through guide that will make you a professional blogger over a night but it will definitely make the difference. This article will help you setting up a blog.
You might have a lot of business ideas and start up plans in your mind, if this is just a blog which will  be a static page or an nightly experimental version this article is not gonna do any good for you.

Have Google Ads or any other similar Ad publishing ? This is the strategy I use to target audience and gain more RPM from the targeted audience. There are different Black Hat SEO out there that can bring you a lot of audience, but let me tell you, all of those money you will make will all go waste. Your publisher accounts will be rejected/disproved and  finally all those efforts are of no use. When I started writing posts I could only gain traffic from my country(India) where the earnings you make is  very low.
Here in this article we will be taking Google Ad sense, Google Ad sense is the top paying and the best Ad publishing network in the internet, don't worry if you don't have Google Ad sense, it is not hard as it looks like.… Read more >>
Having trouble keeping visitors in your site? When I started my blog was having a problem with my bounce rate. My bounce rate was 56%. People use to see my site, read what they want and leave that's all. They never used to read any of my other posts as they were not exposed to my other contents. So what is the way around? Yes there are several ways to keep people active in your site. I am not sure if you can reduce the bounce rate to zero as viewing all the pages of the site seems odd to me.… Read more >>
Google Ads not showing

After the long run for getting Google ad sense approved, the time has come. As you can see the ads are running in my blog and to be frank it was not at all a hard thing, as long as you are willing to keep the blog genuine. "Genuine" I will come to that later before I go any further let me tell you my story.

The black hat me

In the long run I have tried a lot of ways to get Google ads approved for my blog.… Read more >>

There are two ways, if you still remember your administrator login and password go to and login using your login and reset. Usually the login username and password is
password :admin or password
But if you forget both of these don't worry there is an alternative. Under the modem there is a small hole named reset. Take a tooth pick or a pin to press the button. Double tap or press it until the power light change to red color or blink. This will completely erase all the data in the router that include the configuration you have set for your provider.