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Smartphones and tablets usually have builtin microphones and cameras, which means with the right app, you can use them for video chats and even video conferencing. In this chapter, we’ll talk about several apps for doing both video and audio calls. Each of these tools works differently and are valuable in different scenarios. In this movie, we’ll start with Skype. Skype works great for both audio and video calls. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can call other Skype users, whether they’re on a computer or a mobile device. You can also do group audio calls, but you cannot do group video calls from a mobile device.

Skype also supports audio calls to traditional phones. Using Skype on your tablet or smartphone,you can call somebody on a regular telephone. All of the features of Skype are free, except for when you call a telephone. I’m going to launch Skype here. Skype is a free download from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. You’ll need to have an account to use Skype. You can set up a free account, or if you already have a Microsoft account, you can log in with that. So I’ll log in here.

Between iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and Android tablets, each version of Skype will look a little different. The functionality is mostly the same, but there are little differences on each device.So we’re going to see Skype here on an iPhone, but you may need to hunt around and find the right controls on a different device. So if I swipe through here on the main screen, I can go through different sections. Recent shows me the most recent list of people I’ve talked to, then I’ve got my Favorites section, but I want to go to People.

This is my list of contacts. This is the list of people that I can call on Skype, and that’s the first thing I want to do. I want to call somebody. But since I don’t have anybody in my contacts, I need to add them. To do that, I’ll need to search for the person I want to talk to in the Skype database and add them as a contact. Now, of course, they will need to have a Skype account already set up. So I’m going to tap on the button in the bottom, right corner, and I’ll choose Add People. And I want to talk to my friend Jim.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP
Disadvantages of VoIP

Now, Jim plays basketball, so he set up the username Jim Sanders MVP because he is an MVP at basketball. So that’s his username, I’ll do a search, it finds him in the Skype database, so I’m going to go ahead and add him as a contact. I’ll tap on him there, and I need to send a contact request, which I’ll do here. So now I’m just waiting for him to accept this request. I’m going to take a step back by hitting the button in the top, left.

I see Jim on my list here, but since he has not accepted my request, he does not show up as online and accessible. Now that Jim has accepted my request, we’re now connected, and I can see that he’s online. And if I tap on him, it says You and Jim Landers are now contacted. So now that Jim is a contact, I can call him. Since I’ve already selected him, I see his information here down at the bottom of the screen. I can choose to do a video call or an audio call. They both work pretty much the same, so let’s do a video call.

So I’ll tap on that button, and it’s going to call him. And now my camera is running so I can frame up my shot here. And in a moment, he will answer, and there he is. Hey, Jim, thanks for helping me out with this. So while I’m talking to Jim, I have some buttons down on the bottom of the screen.You see they faded away, but if I tap on the screen, they’ll pop up again. So I can mute my audio if I want just by hitting the mute button here. I’m going to unmute my audio by tapping that again. I could disable my camera as well just by hitting the camera button, and now we’re just on a chat where I can see him and he can hear me and I can hear him but he won’t see me.

Let me turn my camera back on; and, of course, when I’m done, I can just hit the hang up button.That’s the red button there. Now, before I hang up, Jim, can you call me right back? I want to see what this looks like when you call me. All right, good. So let me go ahead and hang up here, and now the call is done and I can hit the back button here and I’m back to my list of people. Now, in a moment Jim will call me, and we’ll see what it looks like when I receive an incoming call. So now that call is coming in from Jim.

Now, if I don’t want to answer this call, I could just hit the red button. If I want to answer it but I only want to use audio, I don’t want to show video, then I could hit the green button in the middle.But I want to do video and audio, so I’ll hit the camera button here and that answers the call. And in a moment, we’ll be connected. All right, and there he is again. Thanks a lot for helping me, Jim. I think we’re all set. All right, so I’m going to hang up this call. I bring up the onscreen controls just by tapping on the screen, and then I’ll hit the red button. So those are the basics.

I can also use Skype to have a text chat with one of my contacts. So here on the screen, where I’m looking at Jim’s information, I can just tap on this field that says type a message. And then I’ll hit the Send button and that message has been sent to him. And when he responds, I’ll see his response pop up here. Finally, I want to talk about calling an actual telephone. This feature is particularly useful when you’re traveling to a place where you won’t have a cellular phone connection, but you will have wifi.

This is often referred to as Voice Over IP or VOIP. Using this feature, you can call a regular phone as long as you can connect to Skype on your mobile device. This is the one feature that is not free. It’s much cheaper to call somebody using Skype than any traditional long distance charge. To get an idea of the pricing options, check out this website. You can log in with your Skype account on this website to add credit to your account. Or back in the app, I’m going to leave this conversation, I’ll hit my account button up in the top-right, and there’s an option here for Skype credit.

I’m currently at $0.00, but if I tap on that, I can add credit. Now this would be an in-app purchase if I do it on the phone, which means it will charge my iTunes account but I’m going to do that. I’m going to hit Add $4.99 credit, it’s going to charge the credit card that I already set up with the iOS App Store, it’s going to ask for my password for confirmation, I have to confirm this in-app purchase, which is fine, I’ll hit Buy. Now that I’ve purchased some credit, it shows that I have $4.99 in credit that I can use to place calls to regular phones.

So now I’m going to take a step back to the regular Skype interface. To make a call to a regular phone, down at the bottom of the screen, there’s a dialer button. That’s the one in the middle on the left, So I tap on that. Now, I could just dial a regular phone number, or there’s a button up at the top that links directly to the address book on my device. So if I tap on that, I can see all the people in my address book. I’m going to find Josh, I’m going to call him, so I tap on that.

And from here, I can just tap on his phone number, and then I can just hit the phone button down at the bottom and it will dial him. In a moment, he’ll answer the phone, and we can have a conversation just as if I was using a regular telephone. Hey, Josh, thanks for helping me out. I’m just going to go ahead and hang up now and continue on. So all I need to do here to hang up is just hit the red button at the bottom and I’ll hang up there. So that should give you an idea of the general functions in Skype.

Skype is a great solution for video and audio calls from a mobile device. It’s great because it runs on all mobile devices and computers so it doesn’t matter what platform you’re on. But you do need to keep in mind that group video calls are not available on mobile devices, but everything else works as you might expect.


yt downloader, YT Downloader for Mp3 conversion

yt downloader, YT Downloader for Mp3 conversion

What is YouTube Downloader (YT Downloader)?

YouTube downloader is a very famous and useful third party software that will let you download videos from YouTube. Along with this obvious feature, yt downloader also feature the option to download the YouTube files as MP3, Mp4, .avi, .flv and other formats. This is a very useful tool that can help you gather resources from YouTube in the desired format.

It is also to be noted that you can also download videos from other sites like Facebook and other useful sites.

How To Download Any Internet Video Free-Without Any Software?

yt downloader
You can use the basic version from

Mirror 1: Download YouTube downloader

Mirror 2: Download YouTube downloader

  Please Note: It is not legal to use or download copyrighted songs from YouTube without permission. Any cases raised, yt downloder or is not responsible.

There is a good chance that you end up with yt downloader not working sometimes.

YouTube don’t give any entrance to download recordings from the website. Be that as it may, YouTube fans could discover numerous YouTube downloaders in the business sector to download recordings from YouTube for playback disconnected from the net with better dreams without buffering and commercials. Be that as it may, new issue happens as often as possible that “YouTube downloader not working” for the continually change with YouTube video coding, website configuration and format. Each time YouTube upgrades, your YouTube downloader will quit working.

Make sure you always update your version of yt downloader.

If you still need to download that video from YouTube in your desired format here are few sites that will let you download YouTube video directly without using any third party software like ytd downloader.

How to Download Videos Online for Free With a Single Click?

How To Download Any Internet Video Free-Without Any Software?


How to increase your Internet speed in 12 proven methods

How to increase your Internet speed in 12 proven methods

Increase Internet Speed

So you wish to find out how you can raise your download rate? That wouldn’t? Lately my location got upgraded to ADSL2+ and also with it my rates boosted rather a lot. And also you know exactly what else raised? My performance. I was actually amazed at how much the rate of my net boosted the amount of money of work I might obtain with; whether it was sending reports, downloading and install as well as submitting photos to blog sites, or simply packing new pages to read. And a lot more importantly, I was surprised at just how much additional speed I might obtain through my line by tweaking a couple of points around my home.

In this post I am going to show you a few means you could increase your web speed These are things you could unknown about.

The best ways to check your current net speed.

The initial thing you will certainly require to do is check your current net rate. This will certainly allow you know whether or not you are getting a lower rate than you ought to be. You could do this by going to and running a test Right here are my outcomes.
Currently, this will not be as quickly as some individuals. A great deal of European and also American cities have extremely fast wire internet. As well as with Australia unvieling the world’s most pricey National Broadband Network, we need to be obtaining speeds of up to 10GB per second. Yes, 10 GIG! Currently the optimum you can hop on ADSL2+ in Australia is around 3MB.

So, back to the point, I took care of to quicken my internet to 11Mbps from around 9Mbps. It made a considerable difference to me. I’ll reveal you how in a minute.

Just what do MBps and Mbps mean and why does it matter?

Okay, so, some dull however crucial things below. Individuals typically state megabytes when they suggest megaBITS. And also visa versa. However there is a huge difference.

MBps = megabytes
Mbps = megabits

So, if you describe my speed test above you will see that I am obtaining 11.53 Mbps per secondly. To discover the number of megabytes that is you simply separate by 8 which equates to 1.44 MBps.

Currently, 1 MB is equal to 1024 KB (kilobytes) so if you need to know how quick you are going to able to download a tune or flick you must describe the KB or MEGABYTES each 2nd price as that is usually just what they are measured in.

As an example, if you are downloading and installing a 50 MEGABYTES data at 1 MB per second it will certainly take you merely under 50 seconds. got it?

Download and install much faster: How increase internet speed?

Now let’s dive into a couple of ways that you can boost your net speed. There are some points you will have to examine before we try to speed things up.

What speed should you be getting?
Net companies commonly market huge rates as an academic “possible” yet in fact you will never ever get near it. Email or call your ISP and inquire what should truly be getting.
Just how away are you from the exchange?
If you live a fair distance from the phone exchange then you will not have the ability to get to optimum rates. Individuals that live closer to the exchanges get faster rates every single time.
When you know those things after that we can go on in the direction of obtaining your rate boosted up in the direction of it’s prospective.

1. Examine a various modem/router

The greatest reason of reduced net is a bad modem. For ages I was utilizing a Billion modem that I thought was completely fantastic. I was having constant web leave and also condemning them on my ISP. Finally I transformed to a brand-new NETGEAR N150 modem as well as speeds increased as well as the drop outs stopped. The trouble? The old Billion modem wasn’t furnished for ADSL2+. Newbie blunder. Ensure your modem is suited to the internet plan that you are on.

Netgear D6300

Update: I’m currently utilizing the above modem/router called the NETGEAR D6300 (AC1600 Dual Band Gigabit) which is lightning quickly, has a significant wireless range as well as has several various other cloud-based features. I very advise this bad child.

2. Check for viruses

The next thing you have to do is ensure that no infection itself is causing you to decrease. In some cases viruses could survive on your computer system and also suck resources far from what you are doing therefore decreasing your speeds. I directly utilize this one as an everyday scanner on my PC and Laptop and also have actually located it to be one of the most precise in time without reducing my computer system excessive.

3. Inspect for on-system interference

Occasionally your virus scanner or various other programs could interfere with your net rates. This is really aggravating yet you could figure out by simply changing points off individually then running a rate examination once more. Please note I will not be accountable for any sort of viruses or spyware you get whilst doing this. You ought to consistently have great virus defense.

4. Examine your filters

If you have your net attached to a phone line that likewise has a telephone on it after that you will should make certain you have high quality filters mounted on your line. These are little plugs that you connect to the phone line and also they assist remove the disruptions. Here is a picture of one of mine.
Now, these likewise should be various for the different kinds of net. If you have ADSL2+ or wire ensure you have the ideal filter.

5. Attempt doing away with your cordless phone

Some people disagree with this yet I have actually discovered that cordless phones reduce down or meddle with my web despite having filters. It deserves doing a seclusion test by eliminating your phones as well as changing them with different ones (borrow a friend’s) and see whether you obtain better results.

6. Plug in

Wifi is wonderful yet wireless web is often a little slower than if you connect into your modem. Try getting that chord out of the box and also connecting straight right into the modem, specifically if it is your desktop computer as well as you don’t should relocate around extremely frequently.

7. Look for outside disturbance

I wager many of you have an iPhone, iPad, stereo as well as at the very least another form of digital tool in your modem area. Am I right? Well, if so, after that you need to examine to see whether these points are triggering electromagnetic disturbance. Try moving audio speakers off the beaten track and obtaining other digital gadgets out of your modem room.

8. Examine for Foxtel or other sorts of TELEVISION

Old Foxtel boxes can create disturbance for your internet, even if you aren’t utilizing them. If your net speed is slower than it should be and also you can’t identify why, it may be a concept to go with a walk around your home as well as see if you have a Foxtel (cable) box that you really did not understand existed. Maybe from a past proprietor. If so, phone and also ensure it is separated entirely.

9. Reduce as well as change cords

The size of your cords and also their framework could impact rates. Attempt changing old phone cable televisions, outlets as well as lines and also rather use shorter as well as newer ones. This can often make a big distinction.

10. Have you attempted making it on and off once more?

The last tip is frequently one of the most powerful one. Turn off your modem for one minute as well as make it on once more. It is called power biking as well as could often eliminate a number of problems that affect your speed. If you are actually brave you can also reconfigure your modem with a brand-new password as this can commonly revitalize your settings at the end of your ISP as well as refresh connections.

11. Update firmware and also software program frequently (incentive point!).

Your router/modem in fact has it’s very own software that you require to upgrade routinely. You can login to your modem by following your brand’s instructions. For example, for a NETGEAR modem you go to where you can update and also fine-tune your settings. You likewise should take into consideration upgrading your computer’s desktop version, operating system, and so on as commonly the wireless setups end up being much less appropriate in time.

If all of this fails it’s time to call your Internet Service Provider and also modem company as well as inquire for a line test along with the perfect setups for your setup. They will be able to guide you with in an action by action style.

12. Optimize your PC or Laptop

Most of you blame your ISP when your internet starts slowing down. Tell you what, blame your OS.

Please Note: This one is for the Windows users. If you are a Mac User, find out why I hate Mac and Apple products.

Microsoft Windows try to make things easy for you. When you connect to a WiFi there are set of things that starts downloading and syncing, that includes Windows updates. This is one reason why your internet is slowing down. Follow these steps and you can restrict the background data.

Go to settings and select Network and Internet.


Now select the connected WiFi.

2016-01-03 (1)

Now click on the advanced option

2016-01-03 (2)

Now toggle the “Set metered connection” on

2016-01-03 (3)

2016-01-03 (4)

By now you might have noticed that the internet speed has increased drastically.

How To Use Google Maps For Offline on PC, Android, iOS and Other Smartphone Devices?

How To Use Google Maps For Offline on PC, Android, iOS and Other Smartphone Devices?

One of the Google’s wonderful service is Google Maps which allows you to search any location around the world. By zooming into an area, you can get the more elaborated view and usually it can be done with Google maps street view. It is very useful especially for the people who want to spot many important places like the airport, railway station, petrol bunk, supermarket and the list goes on and on.

Either you are using PC or smartphone to get the geographical location of a place using map service, all that you need is a working net connection. 

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It’s very simple to explore places via Google Maps if you are having the Internet connection. But what if you are traveling in remote areas and not having network coverage? In such case, definitely you will be looking for help from someone. To avoid such lonely feeling, you should opt for a preventive measure. 

So, here I’m indicating you to download Google maps for offline utilization at both PC and mobile phones. 

How To Download Google Maps For PC?

If you ever want to have access to offline maps, then you must go for GmapCatcher which is an offline map viewer. Furthermore, it can display maps from various providers including CloudMade, OpenStreetMap, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, Nokia Maps and Skyvector.

GmapCatcher is written in Python script, can run not only on Windows, but also on Linux and Mac Osx. It requires only basic and uneventful installation process, after that you can begin looking for the maps you need.  

While searching for the location, use the Tools option to select the function you want to perform meaning you can download or export maps. 

Moreover, GmapCatcher lets you surf the maps with any resolution. i.e., you need to enter the height and width for the appropriate view.

How To Download Google Maps For Smartphone users?

If you are an android or iphone user, then the tutorial given below will be most useful for you.  

Before proceeding, make sure you have updated Google Maps app to the latest version. Not having Google Maps on your phone, then download from here:
Follow the simple steps to get your maps for offline use:
  • Tap on Google Maps app and search for a location.
  • At the bottom, touch the name of the place you have searched.
  • Click on Save option or in the upper right corner, touch the triple dots menu and select Save offline map. Then follow the procedure on screen.

Gmaps with dual saving option
P.S: You need to zoom into a place for caching the Maps for offline use. Otherwise, it might show an error states that you cannot save. 

Hidden Trick To Save Google Maps For Offline

After you have searched for a place, type the phrase as ok maps in the search bar and tap on search button on keyboard. Then follow the directions to save the location you want to use if for offline.

Type ok maps, zoom in and save it

The visible area will get cached instantly.  

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How To View Saved Maps Data When Offline?

  • Tap on menu > Your places.
  • Touch View all and manage.
  • Select the offline map which you have already saved. 
Google Maps in Offline mode

Every location you are saving will expire in 30 days. In order to update the location for offline use, you need to connect to Internet again. 

Summing Up

Both GMapCatcher for PC and Google Maps for smartphones are quite handy and useful to view the cached map at high resolution while traveling even though the Internet connection is unavailable at that moment.

How To Remove Unwanted Part of a Video-Best Free Video Editing Software?

How To Remove Unwanted Part of a Video-Best Free Video Editing Software?

Previously, we have discussed about how to convert a video for free. It is easy to convert a video by using desirable software or else we could use free online tool. This post is not about video converting guide but a tutorial to know how to edit or remove unwanted part of a video. On the Internet, if you search for video editing software, it is difficult to find a user friendly application.

Besides, discovering a freemium video editing software is almost hard. Let’s see ”why do we need a video editor,how to get it for free and procedure to cut video section”. 

Need for Video Editor/Cutter

  • Nowadays, most of the movies are having adult scenes which is not pleasant to watch it with our entire family. According to the taste of film directors, they add such scenes for logical relevance to the matter at hand. Though the reason is seems to be acceptable, but definitely it is not safe to watch those movies with family. In such case there is a need for video cutter. 
  • Assume that you are a video shooter and want to edit the video parts, there is need for video editor. With the help of video editor, we can give additional effects to the video which makes it enjoyable to watch.

There are some video converting software programs which can also act as a video editing program. By default, Windows PC comes with Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker allows you to remove video parts easily. Simply, open the application and add the video file to start further operations. 

The only disadvantage of Movie Maker is that it supports WMV, AVI, ASF formats. Suppose if you are having various video file formats such as MP4, MPEG, you need to convert these formats to make it readable by Movie Maker. It has been well known that altering the format of a file reduces its entire quality.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a freeware video editing application. This software can be used to convert between video formats, rip video DVDs and create music visualizations. Freemake Video Converter 2.0 was a major update which integrated two new functions which includes ripping video from online portals and Blu-ray Disc creation and burning. 

How do I Trim a Video in Freemake?

  • Download Freemake free video converter and install it on your PC.
  • Launch the app and click on + Video.
  • Open your video and click on dedicated Cut button.
  • Play video.
  • After that, cut any number of selections whatever you want. 
  • Finally click ok to save the selection on your computer.

Using Freemake Video Converter tool is very easy and much better than Movie Maker. 

Features of Freemake

  • It supports several formats like  AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, 3GP, DVD, HD, MKV, MP3, WMA, FLAC.
  • Upload videos directly to YouTube.
  • It can burn compatible video streams to DVD/Blu-ray discs.

To Summing Up

Overall, Freemake is a freeware application to covert and edit video, audio and image files. During installation, choose custom method to opt-out of ad sponsors package apps for Freemake Video Converter. 

How To Backup Windows OS and Make A Bootable USB Installer Pendrive For Windows 7 – Guide?

How To Backup Windows OS and Make A Bootable USB Installer Pendrive For Windows 7 – Guide?

Windows Operating System is the powerful OS since 2000. You could see that most of the PC users prefer Windows OS rather than any other OS products. This shows the stability of this particular OS. Windows OS is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit hardware. The demand for this product is high and insane. Wherever you go whether a shopping complex, bank, office and some other place, they are using Windows OS on their computer system.

If you have a DVD with Windows OS on it, you may need to backup the OS. Hence, you wish to download the iso file image of an OS in order to burn it to the DVD or pendrive. I tell you that you can create an iso file image with the existing OS on DVD without download a new iso image. For that, you need to follow the instructions which I have mentioned below. Let’s see the step by step guide. 

1.Create ISO Image From DVD

  • Insert the DVD in DVD writer. Then open the DVD and copy the entire files in it. Don’t forget to save the files in a separate folder on your computer.

                                 create iso from DVD

                create iso from DVD
  • Download Burnaware software. It is very useful in terms of creating iso file image from a DVD setup file. Not only it is used for creating iso image but also it has various features. According to my opinion, it is the best dvd burning software. Also premium and professional versions are available to buy.
  • Install Burnaware and run as administrator.
  • Click on Make iso.
  • Select Universal Disk Format radio button and click ok.
  • Click on Add Files.
  • Choose the DVD file setup where you have backed up the OS.
  • Select all the files included in it. 

  • Click on Add. Wait for few seconds till it take all the files. After that, click Close.
  • Then you need to click on Make, which is present in the top left side of the screen. 
  • It will ask you for saving the iso file. So, create a new folder and name the file as your wish and click Save.

  • Wait for couple of minutes to convert the DVD setup file to iso image. 
  • Now here is the iso image file. Make a bootable USB installer pendrive. 

Now we are going to see on how to burn the iso image file to USB pendrive. Suppose, if you already having an iso image, then just follow the steps given below:

2.Burn ISO Image File To USB Pendrive

Using pendrive as a USB storage is an old idea. So, I recommend you to use USB in this method as it is more compatible and portable than DVD.

  • Burning the Windows iso image file to a DVD or USB requires a special tool called Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. This software is provided by Microsoft. Just download it.
  • Run the software.
  • Plug the USB pendrive.
  • Browse for the iso file which we have saved it on hard drive.
  • Select USB and click Next.
  • Choose the removable disk.i.e Pendrive.
  • Then start to burn.
  • After the successful completion of burning iso to USB, install the OS on your computer machine.

To Sum Up

If you found any other error in this whole process or if you know better solution, please let me the know it via comments.