Principles of Ethical Hacking

Principles of Ethical Hacking

The word hacker was first used at MIT in 1960. During that time, a group of computer science students were working on artificial intelligence. Most likely, these talented young individuals would “hack” at a problem until they had a solution. The term hacker was not associated with any malice. However, as time has passed, when someone refers to a hacker, it often has negative connotations. Many think of a hacker as someone who is trying to break into a system to steal information or release malware.

There are several subcultures of hacking groups. All have different attitudes and goals. Many times, a layman will group all hackers under the term hacker. But there is a difference. The three main types of hackers are black hat, white hat, and gray hat. Black hat hackers are considered to be the bad guys. A black hat hacker may be referred to as a “cracker,” as they might try to crack the code or crack a password. A black hat has an objective to cause harm by engaging in criminal activity.

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Many times, they’re backed by organized crime or nation states. The black hat operates on the dark side of the Internet, damaging organizations, spreading unsavory content, and threaten governments with cyber terrorism. And they can cripple a victim’s financial and well-being. White hat hackers are considered to be the good guys and are “ethical hackers.” The white hat hacker has a supportive government and industry and is computer experts.

Many times, they are contract employees hired by security companies and are trained to test systems and attempt to break into them. But they can also be an internal team conducting regular penetration testing as part of an overall security plan. Ethical hackers diligently look for any system vulnerabilities in the computer’s defense system, where, once identified, is reported and fixed either by the white hat team or the appropriate IT personnel, with the idea of improving a company’s defense posture.

A gray hat hacker sits between the good guys and the bad guys in that they may try to gain access to a system without permission, but in general, without malice. They want to see if they can access a system. A gray hat hacker will many times, notify an organization in some manner that their system was vulnerable. Black hat hackers have a large arsenal of software tools, malware, and social engineering techniques that are used to breach a system.

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Anyone, either internally or externally, with proper motivation and the right situation, has the potential to become a hacker. That is where the idea of a white hat, or ethical hacking, comes into play. Ethical hacking enables an organization to fine-tune their security posture, educate their staff, and implement security practices that protect critical systems and sensitive data. Ethical hacking can be done in-house by a trained IT professional or outsourced.

As outsourcing may be expensive, a company may choose to do an ethical hacking assessment in-house. If done in-house, select an appropriate candidate. Although someone might self-identify as a potential white hat hacker, take care in making your selection. Recommendations include selecting someone who understands the skills required. Ethical hackers uncover vulnerable entry points before attackers have a chance to exploit them. They have patience and persistence.

Not only do ethical hackers need to find vulnerabilities; they must suggest and/or implement mechanisms in order to reduce the threat. Ongoing training is essential. They respect the code of good conduct. The term ethical implies the candidate understands what is right and what is wrong.They understand that checking and reporting only to team members and management and not to a group of friends at a bar after hours, thus possibly compromising the security of an organization.

And they’re a professional team member in that the ethical hacker is proficient in communicating any discoveries and will work with all team members to ensure a comprehensive approach that supports the overall security plan. Ethical hacking continues to evolve and is gaining attention as an essential security practice that every organization should perform on a regular basis


Skype – VoIP

Smartphones and tablets usually have builtin microphones and cameras, which means with the right app, you can use them for video chats and even video conferencing. In this chapter, we’ll talk about several apps for doing both video and audio calls. Each of these tools works differently and are valuable in different scenarios. In this movie, we’ll start with Skype. Skype works great for both audio and video calls. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can call other Skype users, whether they’re on a computer or a mobile device. You can also do group audio calls, but you cannot do group video calls from a mobile device.

Skype also supports audio calls to traditional phones. Using Skype on your tablet or smartphone,you can call somebody on a regular telephone. All of the features of Skype are free, except for when you call a telephone. I’m going to launch Skype here. Skype is a free download from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. You’ll need to have an account to use Skype. You can set up a free account, or if you already have a Microsoft account, you can log in with that. So I’ll log in here.

Between iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and Android tablets, each version of Skype will look a little different. The functionality is mostly the same, but there are little differences on each device.So we’re going to see Skype here on an iPhone, but you may need to hunt around and find the right controls on a different device. So if I swipe through here on the main screen, I can go through different sections. Recent shows me the most recent list of people I’ve talked to, then I’ve got my Favorites section, but I want to go to People.

This is my list of contacts. This is the list of people that I can call on Skype, and that’s the first thing I want to do. I want to call somebody. But since I don’t have anybody in my contacts, I need to add them. To do that, I’ll need to search for the person I want to talk to in the Skype database and add them as a contact. Now, of course, they will need to have a Skype account already set up. So I’m going to tap on the button in the bottom, right corner, and I’ll choose Add People. And I want to talk to my friend Jim.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP
Disadvantages of VoIP

Now, Jim plays basketball, so he set up the username Jim Sanders MVP because he is an MVP at basketball. So that’s his username, I’ll do a search, it finds him in the Skype database, so I’m going to go ahead and add him as a contact. I’ll tap on him there, and I need to send a contact request, which I’ll do here. So now I’m just waiting for him to accept this request. I’m going to take a step back by hitting the button in the top, left.

I see Jim on my list here, but since he has not accepted my request, he does not show up as online and accessible. Now that Jim has accepted my request, we’re now connected, and I can see that he’s online. And if I tap on him, it says You and Jim Landers are now contacted. So now that Jim is a contact, I can call him. Since I’ve already selected him, I see his information here down at the bottom of the screen. I can choose to do a video call or an audio call. They both work pretty much the same, so let’s do a video call.

So I’ll tap on that button, and it’s going to call him. And now my camera is running so I can frame up my shot here. And in a moment, he will answer, and there he is. Hey, Jim, thanks for helping me out with this. So while I’m talking to Jim, I have some buttons down on the bottom of the screen.You see they faded away, but if I tap on the screen, they’ll pop up again. So I can mute my audio if I want just by hitting the mute button here. I’m going to unmute my audio by tapping that again. I could disable my camera as well just by hitting the camera button, and now we’re just on a chat where I can see him and he can hear me and I can hear him but he won’t see me.

Let me turn my camera back on; and, of course, when I’m done, I can just hit the hang up button.That’s the red button there. Now, before I hang up, Jim, can you call me right back? I want to see what this looks like when you call me. All right, good. So let me go ahead and hang up here, and now the call is done and I can hit the back button here and I’m back to my list of people. Now, in a moment Jim will call me, and we’ll see what it looks like when I receive an incoming call. So now that call is coming in from Jim.

Now, if I don’t want to answer this call, I could just hit the red button. If I want to answer it but I only want to use audio, I don’t want to show video, then I could hit the green button in the middle.But I want to do video and audio, so I’ll hit the camera button here and that answers the call. And in a moment, we’ll be connected. All right, and there he is again. Thanks a lot for helping me, Jim. I think we’re all set. All right, so I’m going to hang up this call. I bring up the onscreen controls just by tapping on the screen, and then I’ll hit the red button. So those are the basics.

I can also use Skype to have a text chat with one of my contacts. So here on the screen, where I’m looking at Jim’s information, I can just tap on this field that says type a message. And then I’ll hit the Send button and that message has been sent to him. And when he responds, I’ll see his response pop up here. Finally, I want to talk about calling an actual telephone. This feature is particularly useful when you’re traveling to a place where you won’t have a cellular phone connection, but you will have wifi.

This is often referred to as Voice Over IP or VOIP. Using this feature, you can call a regular phone as long as you can connect to Skype on your mobile device. This is the one feature that is not free. It’s much cheaper to call somebody using Skype than any traditional long distance charge. To get an idea of the pricing options, check out this website. You can log in with your Skype account on this website to add credit to your account. Or back in the app, I’m going to leave this conversation, I’ll hit my account button up in the top-right, and there’s an option here for Skype credit.

I’m currently at $0.00, but if I tap on that, I can add credit. Now this would be an in-app purchase if I do it on the phone, which means it will charge my iTunes account but I’m going to do that. I’m going to hit Add $4.99 credit, it’s going to charge the credit card that I already set up with the iOS App Store, it’s going to ask for my password for confirmation, I have to confirm this in-app purchase, which is fine, I’ll hit Buy. Now that I’ve purchased some credit, it shows that I have $4.99 in credit that I can use to place calls to regular phones.

So now I’m going to take a step back to the regular Skype interface. To make a call to a regular phone, down at the bottom of the screen, there’s a dialer button. That’s the one in the middle on the left, So I tap on that. Now, I could just dial a regular phone number, or there’s a button up at the top that links directly to the address book on my device. So if I tap on that, I can see all the people in my address book. I’m going to find Josh, I’m going to call him, so I tap on that.

And from here, I can just tap on his phone number, and then I can just hit the phone button down at the bottom and it will dial him. In a moment, he’ll answer the phone, and we can have a conversation just as if I was using a regular telephone. Hey, Josh, thanks for helping me out. I’m just going to go ahead and hang up now and continue on. So all I need to do here to hang up is just hit the red button at the bottom and I’ll hang up there. So that should give you an idea of the general functions in Skype.

Skype is a great solution for video and audio calls from a mobile device. It’s great because it runs on all mobile devices and computers so it doesn’t matter what platform you’re on. But you do need to keep in mind that group video calls are not available on mobile devices, but everything else works as you might expect.


How to set up a VPN for Android without any apps

How to set up a VPN for Android without any apps

A virtual private network, also known as a VPN, is a private network that extends across a public network or internet. It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. VPN has so many benefits for all types of users. It provides security, allows you to access remote networks from across the globe or it can help you when handling sensitive data for your job and don’t want to get fired.


But this is not the major reasons why Android users use VPN in their devices. It is almost all the time to simply download something from the play store that is otherwise not available for your location or region.  Setting up a VPN for your android device is a simple task. Today we will give you step by step instructions on how to setup a VPN for an Android device.

Though there are many apps that help you setup a VPN, I will we showing you how to do it without any app by using only the Android os (more…)

How to Hack WhatsApp Account?

How to Hack WhatsApp Account?

How to Hack WhatsApp Account

Hack WhatsApp Account: Two Easy Working Methods and their Fix

whats app hack

Method One
Hack WhatsApp Account? Culture is not in the stage however where they will happily put an f-bomb around when and wherever. You need to be fairly Computer with issues, and the section of that’s not using foul language. Secondly, thinking about the part of the web that will often make use of the f-word (adult business), you are better off avoiding it regardless.
As Whatsapp may be the biggest message Application on the planet with over 1 million customers worldwide. Thus, it’s a charming host to individuals, so there is no different method to participate in illegal activities, then to crack a Whatsapp account.
The application I favor is Mspy as it pertains to coughing Whatsapp consideration. For applying Mspy that you don’t have to be a hacker using and adding My inside your phone can be as easy as in almost any other application.

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Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Internet is the most revolutionary inventions of our time. The internet has effected the way we live and function on micro and macro levels. As per a research in 2011, 30.2% of the total world’s population uses internet. In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Internet.

Internet has a huge impact on individual users, companies and various other social groups.To start of with individuals, internet has transformed the way individuals socialize. You want a new place to eat out or find an apartment? Internet has the answers. You wouldn’t have to ask your friends about. Internet has replaced newspapers, mail, etc. Today, for any individual posting a selfie on Instagram or uploading a status o  Facebook is mandatory. This helps people who live far away from each other stay connected and keeps us closer to people who are important to us. But with the many benefits come the cons of this situation. Updated time to time details about a person’s life has affected the privacy and it has been the cause of so many crimes in the past.

Social Media gives an amount of psychological satisfaction to people. The momentary popularity or appreciation they receive on social media is often mistaken for a real deal.
The internet magic is not just restricted to individuals, it has humongous impact on the corporate world. Most company’s are saving their production and functioning costs, going global and engaging with the entire world as it’s customer. The internet helps businesses to perform faster and more efficiently.
A expensive business trip between countries can be cut short to an hour meeting on Skype. In this article we will discuss more on the advantages and disadvantages of internet.

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Advantages of Internet

Unrestricted communication

With Internet communication is never as hard as before, imagine those days when our anscistors had to walk all the way down to transfer a message? Those days are gone. We live in a generation where communication around the glob happens in just few snap of fingers. The only charges incurred for all this is the amount you pay to the ISP(internet Service Provider). The amount is variable too. And if you want to talk to someone face to face somewhere across the glob all you do is fire up the VOIP service like Skype or  any other communication app and hold a video chat.

For example, Skype have enabled geographically distant nations to communicate and share thoughts. All things considered, individuals can share their considerations and perspectives on matters influencing the countries. The internet has become a place where ideas, theories and concepts are shared, discussed and communicated without and geographic barriers. This is a notable point when discussing the advantages and disadvantages of internet.

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

Biggest Data source available

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

There was a time when people use to refer the encyclopedia for gathering and collecting data, that day is long gone. Its an era of Googling things and getting results under a second. The internet is filled with loads of data and you just have to use a search engine to access it. The main reason why you find most of your quires in the internet is the forums and sites like wikis which publishes quality content that is demanded in the internet. You can likewise get the most recent news, achievements in all fields including solution and even research distributions at the snap of a search using a search engine like Google. The Internet is essentially a comprehensively open archive of learning, and the best part is everybody gets the chance to contribute.

Data Sharing and Transfer

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

With internet in the picture, data transfer and file sharing is not as hard as before, sharing information is fast and seamless. In case you want to let your friends know about your most recent advancement, you can do as such in a moment. You can utilise online networking destinations, for example, Facebook or an IM application. They will all get the news in the meantime. You can likewise share music, recordings and whatever other document.

Online Services and E-commerce

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

When people started pouring in, idea struck to many. Internet soon became a market with millions of merchants selling goods online. Today it is possible to do monetary exchanges on the web. You can exchange and transfer funds, pay assessments and service bills or book cinema tickets over the Internet in the solace of your office or home.

This trend has also allowed to make almost everything available in the internet. The growth of e-commerce has made it possible for people to shop for most things online.This brought the rise of retail giants like Amazon and E-bay. with internet, potential customers for the product.These online portals sells consumer goods globally. A similar market was never witnessed in the history of mankind. The potential of these markets are high.


advantages and disadvantages of Internet

Internet with lots of data also is a very good source of entertainment too. Calculations shows that 40% of the content in the surface web are entertainment related. 40% in the dark web also remains the same even though most of it contains illicit content. With internet you can watch movies, listen to music, read your favourite celebrity gossip columns and play games over the Internet. You can access sites like megashare and enjoy movies for free. Internet now has become an open park full of fun. This is a notable point when discussing the advantages and disadvantages of internet.

Essay on Disadvantages of Internet

Disadvantages of Internet

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Spam Mails

With internet in the picture more people are connected around. Though this has helped reach and target more people, a lot white hat and black hats are still out there to spam the internet. Spamming is the process of sending single or bulk mails to unsubscribed and random people. These emails may or may not contain illicit content but as long as the mail obstructs the privacy and personal space the mail is considered as spam. Spamming is usually done with macros and bots which bombards you with irrelevant content. This becomes frustrating when spams get mixed up with important mails. Most of the Emails services out in the internet now comes with spam filter that automatically filters out the spams coming to your mail. The email service providers also gives you an option to report suspicious email ID’s and IP addresses.

Virus, Trojan and other Malware

These are malicious programs that infects your PC while accessing the internet, not all domains and hosts are infected with ,malwares but keep in mind that there are carriers in the internet that spreads malwares and viruses on the internet. These files infects your computer when you download files or when you give access to your computer. Infected devices gets corrupted, malfunctions and can also destroy important data.

A computer virus is a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes. Viruses can also replicate themselves. All computer viruses are man-made. A simple virus that can make a copy of itself over and over again is relatively easy to produce. Even such a simple virus is dangerous because it will quickly use all available memory and bring the system to a halt. An even more dangerous type of virus is one capable of transmitting itself across networks and bypassing security systems.  -Webopedia

Data Spoofing and leaking Private Information

The more people started using internet the more people became secure behind the screen, many of these people who call themselves as hackers are usually frauds. With internet the criminal and fraud cases registered has hiked tremendously. The method includes hacking and phishing. These methods steal credit card and debit card information, this calls for extreme caution when transacting online. It is always recommended to use a  VPN while doing any transactions online. Using reliable payment processors are always recommended.

Addiction to Internet

Just like everything else even internet has addictive characteristics too. With internet coming into the picture it is said that the attention span of humans dropped to 8 seconds, equal to that of a gold fish. This not only effected the social interactions in a massive way. Internet addiction also lead to obesity and many heart diseases and other diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome. There are dedication centres for heavy internet users.

Adult and Illicit content

The fact that internet has all information has a massive side effects too. There are a lot illicit content that can effect the minor users in the internet. These illicit content includes pornography and other adult material. There are no moderation as of now in the internet that moderates or regulates minors accessing the internet. A lot many tools and plugins in the internet that will help to lock these malicious and illicit content site.Also there are security tools like antiviruses and firewalls that can block these kind of sites.

Summarising Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

1) Information on verging on each subject possible.

2) Powerful web crawlers (Search Engines)

3) Ability to do investigate from your home versus research libraries.

4) Information at different levels of study. Everything from academic articles to ones coordinated at youngsters.

5) Message sheets where individuals can examine thoughts on any theme. Capacity to get extensive variety of conclusions. Individuals can discover others that have a comparable enthusiasm for whatever they are keen on.

6) The web gives the capacity of messages. Free mail administration to anybody in the nation.

7) Platform for items like SKYPE, which consider holding a video meeting with anybody on the planet who additionally has admittance.

8) Friendships and adoration associations have been made over the web by individuals required in affection/enthusiasm over comparable interests.

9) Things, for example, Yahoo Answers and different destinations where children can have promptly accessible help for homework.

10) News, of different types is accessible quickly. Critique, on that news, from each possible perspective is likewise accessible.

Disadvantages of Internet:

1) There is a considerable measure of wrong data on the web. Anybody can post anything, and quite a bit of it is refuse.

2) There are predators that hang out on the web holding up to get clueless individuals in hazardous circumstances.

3) Some individuals are getting dependent on the web and along these lines bringing on issues with their communications of companions and friends and family.

4) Pornography that can get in the hands of youthful youngsters too effectively.

5) Easy to squander a great deal of time on the web. You can begin surfing, and after that acknowledge significantly additional time has gone than you understood. Web and TV together of added to the more stationary ways of life of individuals which further worsens the corpulence issue.

6) Internet has a great deal of “con artist” destinations. Individuals can purchase expositions and pass them off as their own particular significantly more effortlessly than they used to have the capacity to do.

7) There are a considerable measure of deceitful organisations that have sprung up on the web to exploit individuals.

8) Hackers can make infections that can get into your PC and ruin profitable information.

9) Hackers can utilize the web for fraudulent activity.

10) It can be entirely discouraging to be on the web and acknowledge exactly how uneducated such a large number of individuals have gotten to be in today’s general public.

Note: This article “Advantages and Disadvantages of internet” can be used for essay and educational purposes.


Ultra Surf, Bypass Cyberoam security

Ultra Surf, Bypass Cyberoam security

Ultrasurf_original_logoCyberoam is an online security firewall placed by many of the corporate and Collages to control the internet usage by the employees and the students. Typically a well configured Cyberoam security is nearly unbreakable. But usually a collage or a school is often not configured very hard which makes it vulnerable to many of the normal proxies. So here in this article we will discuss how to bye pass Cyberoam security using a proxy service known as ‘Ultra Surf’. So far Ultra Surf is the best proxy software available to by pass Cyberoam.

Ultra Surf is US based company that gives you secure proxy services and the reliability of ultra surf is impressive and trusted. When it comes to Privacy, freedom and security Ultra Surf is the option. Ultra surf is now the world number one anti-censorship and pro privacy app that gives you complete control over the internet. This guide will help you byoass cyberoam security ins simple steps.


Ultra Surf for

Ultra Surf can be used for proxies, for secure connections and for privacy. It looks like in the end it is exploited by the students and employees to bye pass the Cyberoam security.

Change Network Proxy In Browsers

Your college or institute might be having more than one proxy for its network. So, it happens that some websites are restricted on one proxy, but accessible in another. So, you can give a try to proxy surfing to access blocked websites in your college.
Change the advanced settings of your Firefox browser and select the Manual Proxy. Put the bypass proxy under HTTP proxy.

Download Ultra Surf for Proxy

You can download Ultra Surf from the following links.

Direct Link