Xiaomi MI6 Comes with Snapdragon 835 SoC


Xiaomi is known to be a privately owned Chinese electronic company which has its headquarters in Beijing and turns out to be the fourth largest Smartphone manufacturing company in the world. They are known for developing smart phones, mobile apps, laptops, and various other related consumer electronics.  With the immense success of Xiaomi Mi 5 that was showcased on 24 February at MWC 2016, it turned out to be one of the first smartphones that had the latest Qualcomm's processor, the Snapdragon 820. With the apparent increase in the business the company planned to come up with their next flagship the Xiaomi MI 6, which is rumored to be featuring the latest Snapdragon 835.… Read more >>

Snaptube Video and Music Downloader For Android Devices

In a world where online sites like YouTube and Instagram keep smartphone users hooked for hours, SnapTube is one such application which allows people to download videos and music from a huge array of online video streaming sites. It has been a significant period of time since YouTube came into being and today, people are looking for options and apps which will allow them to binge on their favorite videos and songs offline without the use of high speed internet. SnapTube does just that for everyone out there. This lightweight application allows you to download videos ranging from a variety of resolution on your smartphone with a single click making it available to watch even when your offline.… Read more >>

PlayStation 5 to Come with an AMD Chipset

The gamers were highly overwhelmed when Sony introduced its first console on December 3, 1994 and it shipped around 100 million units in just nine years and six months. Sony might have introduced many more gaming consoles but the PlayStation 1 is still in good books of the fanatics. And now the gamers are anxiously waiting for Sony to introduce the PlayStation 5 into the markets which is expected to take the gaming sector by storm. Nevertheless, the users might be left with a dispirited heart as there is no sign s of the gaming console to release soon and the reports have stated that the PlayStation 5 might be launched either in 2019 or 2020.… Read more >>

OnePlus 4 Features

OnePlus’s entry into the smartphone market in 2013 had been a significant milestone in terms of customer affordability since the Chinese company has been consistently rolling out high-end smartphones with the latest features at incredibly affordable prices. The company has a total of five devices in their repertoire till now and are reportedly looking to get a good kick start to their 2017 campaign with their upcoming device, the OnePlus 4.

The OnePlus 4 has been a topic of considerable discussion among smartphone enthusiasts and the device is definitely slated to feature some groundbreaking pieces of technology once it is rolled out.… Read more >>

Everything a Gamer needs to know about Xbox 2

Xbox is known to be a very popular video gaming console brand that is created and owned by Microsoft. It represents a large series of video game consoles which has been created and developed by Microsoft, and there are three consoles that are released in the sixth, seventh, and eighth generations respectively. The brand not only stops at gaming consoles but is also known to come up with applications games, the popular streaming services, along with that an online service that goes by the name of Xbox Live. The brand was first introduced to the public in the month of November 15, 2001 in the United States.… Read more >>

Apple iPhone 8 Reportedly Features Higher Rating for Water and Dust Resistance

Apple iPhone 8 Reportedly Features Higher Rating for Water and Dust Resistance

We are already into the third week of January in the year 2017 and we are continuously coming across new updates regarding the probable features of the smartphones which are going to come out in course of the year 2017. But this is something which we have been experiencing much before the New Year has set in. The smartphone which has hit the headlines more than any other smartphone that are going to be launched by its respective developer is the Apple iPhone 8. And that is understandable.… Read more >>