What Is The Future Of Advertising?

What Is The Future Of Advertising?

In a recent interview, Sean Tyson, the creator of advertising agency Quietly, was asked a very direct question, Do you see traditional advertising dying out? His response is one that’s echoed by modern marketers everywhere. The short answer is, yes. Sean lamented that up to now, advertising has been companies paying to have a one-way conversation with customers, but now there needs to be an exchange of value, and that value is in the form of utility, information, or entertainment. With so much competition in the digital age, modern consumers want to be rewarded for reading your advertisement.

If I’m gonna sit here and read about your product, it better be worth my time. So traditional advertising isn’t dead, but the transition to branded content consumption has already begun. We define content marketing as targeted marketing material backed up by social media campaigns and integrated to your overall acquisition structure, rather than just regular posts about a wide range of topics like you’d find on a blog. Companies working to establish a content marketing strategy can jump ahead of the more stagnant competition, and it really doesn’t matter your industry.

If you sell plumbing tools, connect customers to branded content about how to properly install piping in a new construction. Not only are you talking about why your product exists, you’re also providing something useful. The good news is, there’s a lot of tools to quickly and painlessly establish such a strategy. Content automation tools like Tumblr, Clearvoice, and my personal favorite, Hootsuite, make it easy to give your customers useful content without hours of searching.

For those of you who decide to make the shift by yourself, Google suggests presenting large levels of content that is unique, specific, and of high quality. Which is just another way of saying, don’t copy the competition? If there’s one theme I’ve tried to impart with this article, it’s that advertising has to satisfy a need. Make your ad copy clear and relevant to give it a utility, and really that’s all that content marketing is. Sure, the method might have changed, but creating winning copy for traditional ad or content marketing post has the same function.

You want to inform the customer about your product and then tell them why it’s relevant to them specifically.

Typewriter font  1000 Awesome typewriter fonts

Typewriter font 1000 Awesome typewriter fonts

Typewriter font. 1000 Awesome typewriter fonts

Here is a collection of free typewriter fonts you can place to great use within your classic models. Similar to retro fonts, typewriter fonts are a favorite option to include into classic-style styles. Courier has become the most widely known font of the kind, but there are lots of free fonts available to select from. Below, we have searched the web to locate 20 free typewriter fonts that will assist provide the nature of yesteryear for your designs. You can download all the below fonts mentioned here from the following link. Please read and understand the font format and type before you download.


Read the following for reference.

typewriter fonts

typewriter fonts

01. Gabriele Typewriter fonts: Gabriele This classic font looks as being a faded typewriter ribbon. Named after having a popular number of computers in postwar Germany, Gabriele will indeed be considered a strike with internet users as well. Having a unique feel that evokes old typewriter ribbons, no kerning is required by this monospaced font, and similar to the rest of it is not blame for commercial use. 02. Xerography Font Your information will stick out within this block-framed font Filled with wonky square edges, Xerography may be go-to if y0uare seeking to replicate the form of old-fashioned font typewriter hammers. This font makes excellent utilization of negative space. Therefore it must focus on any background color you select. 03. Happy Days This new font currently includes a unique, distressed look Because of its unclear, glitchy end, the Content Days font may be the ideal method to age your typography. This font collection includes the entire alphabet in lowercase and top, plus every quantity along with a limited choice of accented words and icons. 04. Kingthings Trypewriter typewriter fonts: Kingthings This typewriter font works with nearly every format Arriving with all of the punctuation and lowercase characters in addition to both top, figures and icons, that is among the most flexible typewriter fonts we have discovered. 05. Love Letter Drop in love using the love letter free typewriter font One in you for that previous romantic! The Love Letter font harks back to some period when computers were applied to pour out our emotions for the family members. If you like to place a little of love and old-school enthusiasm into your designs, utilize this. And, like all of the typewriter fonts with this listing, it is for free! 06. CarbonType CarbonType will be ideal for typewriter headlines CarbonType, a thicker bold typewriter font is perfect for large straps and typewriter statements. It could prove difficult to make use of this typewriter font in information, so if we were you, we would adhere to the bigger typography tasks. 07. VintageOne A classic spin on the typewriter font Computer fonts do not have to be literal within our book. Texas created this traditional spin-on the typewriter design based graphic artist Mike Luedecke, who gives 50% of his font earnings towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. That one is not to blame for personal use! Product and graphic designer Burka Demirci, created this named font, AFL Font Pespaye Nonmetric. The free typewriter font features a complete group of lowercase letters and top, figures and the huge choice of special characters. 09. Special Elite Special Elite by Astigmatic Special Elite goes it nearer to the digital age and takes the vintage-style of typewriter fonts. If you should be buying free typewriter font using the impact of the powerful keystroke produced by the group at Astigmatic, this style is ideal. 10. Type Keys Font Typewriter fonts: Type Keys Model Recommendations by Typadelic Ronna Penner of Typadelic developed this awesome font. The download free provides both bare and loaded to the style. Free for personal use, the download comes filled with a complete group of figures, uppercase characters along with other people you could find on the typewriter. 11. Sears Tower Sears Tower by Michael Pressure This filthy, distressed typeface involves you free thanks to Michael Pressure at Tension-Type. The look, among Pressure, is popular, it is liberated to use within every of the private and professional work and comes complete 196 glyphs. 12. L.C. Smith 5 Typewriter Smith 5 Typewriter L.C. The author of L.C. Smith 5 Typewriter Georg Sommeregger includes a passion for typewriters. He collects, usually and repairs gives info on the old school writing machine. Along with this, he has also produced this free typewriter font and provides it like a download free to be used in individual projects. 13. Veteran Typewriter Koczman Bálint of Magique Fonts created this standard typewriter font. With more than 30 fonts in his profile, his models have accumulated over seven million downloads. The amazing collection contains every character you might need. 14. Last Draft Font Custom Andrew Hart has created more than 60 typefaces, which are available online. But we especially enjoyed this expensive typewriter font, Last Draft Font. Free for personal use, the download features lowercase letters and a complete group of top, figures and individual characters. Free typewriter font: Teletype This typewriter-dependent, serif, monospaced E.V Norat created the font. It replicates just how figures were once published on teletype machines, which have been used around the world for transmission applications and communications and weather reporting. 16. My Underwood My Underwood by Michael Pressure A definite supporter of the grunge design, Our Underwood is another layout from font designer Michael Pressure. The Canadian-based artist has more than 18 fonts available online that have been saved as whole times over two thousand. 17. F25 Blackletter Typewriter Artist Volker Busse created this unique typewriter font. He created the font by the high-circulation of Black-Letter fonts before the Second World War. “centered on this fact; typewriters were designed with Black-Letter fonts, monospaced. Not typical typewriters, but unique types observed then and every now.” 18. Brenton Scrawl Type Find a genuine typewriter look that is temperamental with Brenton Scrawl Type Brenton Scrawl Kind allows you to reproduce the appearance of the typewriter in severe need of the service. This download free features the numbers 1-9, with a backward 5, in addition to a complete group of money and lowercase characters. 19. Metacopy Typewriter fonts: Metacopy This damaged, altered, small print is just a typical typewriter font Designer Yoshiki Kita created Metacopy. The damaged, modified, small print is just a standard typewriter font, having been saved more than 70. The download free features a complete group of individual characters and figures, words. Honorable mentions American Typewriter A classic and unique typewriter font with crisp and yet amazing formats. American Typewriter is usually used to recommend a classic- commercial or designed image. It was originally launched in cold form (photocomposition) before released electronically. Like many ITC fonts, it’s a variety of four loads from light to striking (with corresponding italics) and separate reduced variations. Some releases don’t have italics.

Learn Ethical Hacking online. Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking

Learn Ethical Hacking online. Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking

Learn ethical hacking online. Hacking is always fun for hackers. Every technology is having some loop holes. The hackers are very good at finding those loop holes to test their hacking skill. Mostly hackers are youngsters and so many youths want to learn hacking. Hacking is a skill which is similar to the Internet tool or a knife. Here is the tool, and what you are going to choose is important. Whether you are going to use these tools for your goodness without harming yourself and others or not. Here are few good sites to learn ethical hacking online.

Learn Ethical Hacking Online

Hacking is of two types. Namely Ethical hacking and Unethical hacking and is also called as White hat hacking and Black hat hacking respectively. Undoubtedly students likes to learn ethical hacking. As ethical hacking is far more different than black hat hacking job, therefore ethical hacking is not considered as illegal. In fact, ethical hacking is comes under educational purpose. So, there is nothing wrong to learn white hat hacking techniques. Okay, now it’s the time to start learning hacking without wasting a minute. Here, I have given a bunch of website links to trigger your mind. Have a look at the list of best websites to learn Ethical hacking. 


This is not directly to the niche but would be of great interest. All who wants to be a hacker or at least would love to have a title of the same, have a look at “Dark web or other wise named Deep Web” not recommended that you spend a good lot of time in the  deep web but taking a look or accessing the deep web will give you an insight on what you are dealing with. Learning hacking is not a easy stuff. If it was, everyone would have been one. Hacking unlike before has evolved a lot. Now its all about social engineering.

So like I said, If you think hacking is some language like Android SDK, C++ or Java, better run along now. Its going to be scary and if you are a soft hearted person flee now. People and things you are about to deal with don’t want you there.

In the process you will interact/get caught along with a lot of these people and there maybe be situations they/you get hostile.

SO before you read further, go to deep web, get an orientation for yourself and prepare yourself. Like said before, its not for the soft hearts.

How to Access deep web?

The simplest way to start using Tor is to download the Tor browser bundle (assuming you’re on Windows). You can get it at: Tor Browser. You can find installation instructions for Tor on other operating systems on the same page.

Once it’s installed and launched, the browser should connect automatically to the Tor network. From there, you can use a directory of certain hidden services to get started. Some of these directories include:

These sites may contain links to illegal services and are provided for informational purposes only. If you’re scammed or get yourself into trouble, your recourse against the people you’ve dealt with is likely to be limited at best.

NOTE:This is for educational purpose alone, do not use these information for any other than reference. We are not responsible for the mess you end up doing by involving in any illegal activities or failing to follow this notification.

Now that you are ready, carry on and see the list of the sites you can learn ethical hacking online.

Eccouncil-CEH Ethical Hacking Course

CEH which stands for Comprehensive Ethical Hacker. It provides you  comprehensive ethical hacking and network security training courses to learn white hat hacking. You just choose the hacking course package and join to get trained to become a professional ethical hacker. 

Hack a day

As the name tells, this website is promised to give you hacking tips and tricks, tutorials on a daily basis. So each and everyday, this site serves you fresh hacking guidelines which sounds kinda cool! If hacking is termed as a diamond, they just polishing and respecting it. I mean ethical hacking.

Hacking Tutorial

This website strongly gives you ethical hacking tutorial which is much liked by the engineering students as well. It provides you hacking news, ethical hacking tools and tips & tricks considering hacking. Some of the hacking blog posts in this website are “5 Steps Wi-Fi Hacking – Cracking WPA2 Password”, “Hacking Facebook Using Man in the Middle Attack”, “Shutdown Windows 7 Remotely” and so on.

Evilzone Forum

Evilzone is a hacking forum which welcomes the hackers to take participate in their community. Here you could see tons and tons of questions and answers regarding ethical hacking. So, you will need to register to get your ID to raise your questions there. Professional hackers will post solution to your queries. The community people are very serious and so don’t be a kid in asking simple hacking tricks.

Break The Security

Break The Security is one of the leading IT Security News portal. It delivers latest news updates related to information security, hacking, malwares, vulnerability , spam and scams.
It extradite ethical hacking courses which you will surely find interesting and useful articles. 

Hack This Site

Hack This Site is just another forum but it is completely free, safe and gives you legal training ground. In this community, ample of project development are active. So, users can discuss hacking, security related questions. Their authors are readily available in replying queries with much feasible. Not only this, they also provide vast variety of articles which supplies ethical hacking tutorials.


SecTools which means security tools and this site is dedicated to deliver important tricks regarding network security and so that you could learn to fight against the network security threats. They also provide security tools with detailed description about it. Learn Ethical Hacking online

Hack In The Box

Hack In The Box is a popular website in providing security news and happenings from the hacker underground. You can get enormous hacking articles about Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Programming and much more. This site also having a forum community and hence users can discuss hacking tips. 

Happy Hacker

Happy Hacker guides to get harmless hacking tutorial. This site gives you the fundamental knowledge about hacking. It’s really a cool site to learn “Kernel hacking”, “Fun with firefox”, “Satellite hacking”, “Ethical computer hacking”, etc and so on. Beginners were always welcomed here to learn the basic hacking techniques. 

Hacking Loops

Hacking Loops is one of the ethical hacking websites where you will get numerous articles on white hat hacking. Each articles in this website is seems to be very interesting and I’m sure you too will. Some of the cool posts in this site are “How to stop virus or trojan attacks”, “Game ranger hack for range of empires”, “Facebook smart status update tool”, and so on.

Explore Hacking

Explore Hacking is a site which wants the users to know the importance of information security. I think this website is great for the beginners because this site is very keen on providing lower level to higher level hacking tutorials with fine screenshots. So, that’s the most useful key for the initial level hackers to learn complicated hacking methods quickly.

Learn Hacking

Learn Hacking is completely a Ethical hacking tutorials providing site which covers entire topic from the beginning. It covers topics such as “Hacking Windows OS” (whether it is Windows xp/Vista/7), “Virus hacking”,etc and vice verse. This site is also has a forum included in it.

Packet Storm Security

Packet Storm Security allows you to realize the security related vulnerabilities all over the Internet. It gives you the tutorials on how to find those vulnerabilities and attack them before they just started to attack. If you expert in software exploits, then surely you are going to get paid from them. You just need to submit such unique exploit to them and get the fair offer.
You are reading: “Learn Ethical Hacking online”


Metasploit website gives you news and hacking tips related to information security. Most of the articles furnishes on how to be secured at online. They also supply Metasploit software which is a popular Penetration testing software which helped many to improve their security at online. One thing is that, the software is free to download. Also Pro version is available with 14 days trial pack. One of the best site to Learn Ethical Hacking online.

Backtrack Linux

Backtrack Linux site offers you to get Backtrack software which is also a popular and powerful Penetration testing software in which every hacker knows it well. It is a Linux based penetration software that aids security professionals which is capable of performing appraisal & judgement and is solely dedicated to hacking environment. Also this site provides how to guides tutorials and downloads.

Hell Bound Hackers

Hell Bound Hackers is a famous ethical hacking website which acts like a security guard tutor. This site covers almost all the security related problems with solutions like programming, encryption, cracking, etc. Simply this site called as security trainer. The theme of this site is awesome too .

From DEV

FromDev is not a ethical hacking tutorial website but it suggests you to get the latest hacking tutorials from various websites. So, this site is rich in collecting and proving links to so many posts (like what I did in this post) which teaches white hat hacking tutorials. Learn Ethical Hacking online

Read more : Sites like mega share

To Sum Up

As we all know that Black hat hacking is the worst part of online world where it creates security threats. Instead of wearing Black hat, try the pure White hat. Fighting against security threats is always fun, interesting with seriousness. That’s why developers are creating Security software programs, Anti virus apps. If you are interested in hacking, learn ethical hacking and set up a goal to protect the online environment. So, be a king in Ethical hacking.
Top 10 Websites to Learn Magic Tricks for free – Amaze Your Environment

Top 10 Websites to Learn Magic Tricks for free – Amaze Your Environment

Every Magician states that, “Magic is an art”. It comes under supernatural powers or just an illusion. It is impossible to decide whether the magic is real or not. It’s because our mind is filled with doubts. If one part of the mind enters into the belief system and the other part rejects it but only requires evidences to believe. Even the simple magic tricks performance can trick our mind and makes us confused.

No one will hesitate to learn the magic tricks as this involves abundant practices to develop our talents. In this post, I’m going to list the best websites to learn magic tricks. 


Here you are going to learn easy magic tricks. This site will completely teach you simple close up tricks which was performed by top magicians. To surprise the crowd around you, learn all the magic tricks from this website.  


As the name tells that you can learn completely free magic tricks from this site. Also this site sell Magic trick tutorial CDs. For beginner, it’s a good start to learn more cool magic tricks from here.


This site provides some free magic tricks and mostly it sell DVDs which contains amazing magic tricks videos, tutorials and much more. To perform skilled magic tricks, visit their site & if you like, you could buy the required DVDs.


Here, it offers you to learn easy mind reading and prediction tricks. Also you could learn magic tricks with cards. To fool your friends, grab the ideas to perform fantastic card tricks, illusions,etc from this site. For those who want to learn advanced magic, then go on with Pro magic section which is too available in this site. 


While I’m browsing this site, it fully surprised me to the extent. You know why? This site guides you to learn thousands of simple and professional magic tricks. With the simple step by step procedure, it’s really so good to learn with much curiosity. 


Composed of 12 individuals behind this site, giving their souls to give a fruitful life to this site ellusionist. With their ideas and hard work, you will feel the creativity which exists from their tutorials. Their goal is to seed the mind blowing magic tricks in your mind beyond belief.

Ted Magic

In this site, there is a section about magic. The instructions and performances are given in videos. Advanced stage magicians have already moulded the art of magic. Watch every videos available here to please your eyes. 


Here you will get list of easy card trick, rope tricks, paper tricks and so on. This site is specially provides magic tricks for children. Give attention to the different types of card tricks as listed in this site. Other than magic, it provides knowledge for the pre-school children.



On YouTube channel “MagicTricks”, you could browse ample of magic videos. In every video, the artist will perform his trick to surprise you and then will teach you on how to do it clearly. Already this channel has got plenty of subscribers. Also search for many other videos to learn magic tricks to cover the entire section of magic tricks.

Learn Card Magic Tricks

When we hear the word magic, the first thing which comes to our mind is the deck of cards. Performing magic tricks using cards is a fashion. I have noticed even people who doesn’t know a single card trick were masked themselves as a magician, but that’s really funny. To become a real master in card tricks, then practice in the right way. Don’t forget to browse “Learn Card Magic Tricks” website. This site explains everything on how to do card magic tricks professionally. 

The step by step tutorial through videos (again a YouTube Channel) and texts would clarify everything about the tricks that are performed. The performer should do the card magic quite smoothly like a constant fluid flow to get the attention from the audience that requires lots of practice and hard work. What are you waiting for? Just begin to learn magic tricks with cards.

To sum up

Next is what? Get ready to fill your mind with amazing magic tricks; by having much confidence, show your skills with your family and friends and amaze them with your action sequence. Practice makes a man perfect!! So practice magic tricks and mind-freak your friends.