App Store Optimisation (ASO)- Rank your App in App Store and PlayStore

App Store Optimisation (ASO)- Rank your App in App Store and PlayStore

App Store Optimisation (ASO)- Rank your App in App Store and PlayStore


What Is App Store Optimization?

What is ASO? App Store Optimization or ASO is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store for IOS, or Google Play for Android. Similar to SEO or Search Engine Optimization for websites, ASO is for mobile apps. Specifically, App Store Optimization includes the process of ranking highly in an app store search results and top charts. And the higher an app ranks, the more downloads it gets. There are several components that contribute to and influence your apps ranking within Google Play and the App store.

The five key elements are The name of your app, your app’s description, the keywords that describe your app, the number and quality of user ratings, and the number of downloads your app gets. Let’s talk about each of these in more detail. The name of your app should be as descriptive as possible while striking a balance between having a concise brandable title versus a spammy title that is completely filled with keywords. If you plan on releasing outside of your Native Country, localize the name and title of your app for each market.

If you have multiple names you think would work, and aren’t sure which one you should use, you can experiment with different app names and see which one ranks higher and drives more downloads. For your app’s description, keep your best content above the fold. Don’t make the reader click the read more button in order to understand what your app is about. And be sure to keep the description readable. Keyword research is very important to the success of your ASO efforts, so be sure to do this research and include keywords relevant to the app.

Consider including keywords used by competitors, if they are relevant to your app. You’ll want to prioritize keywords based on their relevance to the app. How difficult it is to rank for that keyword in the search volume. Newer apps should target keywords that are easier to rank for, while more established apps can target keywords with higher difficulty scores. The volume and quality of ratings is a strong ranking signal for both Google Play and the App Store.

The ratings of your current version matter more than ratings of a previous version, so keep this in mind if you are updating your app, and be sure to find a good way to ask users to review the current version of your app. The number and velocity of downloads of your app are likely the strongest signals to the respect of App Stores as nothing says this is a popular App, as much as getting tens or hundreds of thousands of downloads within a few days of your App being released. An app that has a download volume that starts out high, and increases initially, and remains fairly high, will outrank similar apps that have fewer downloads, and whose download volume falls off quickly.

Also, the number and quality reviews are ratings for the most recent version of the app, have a larger impact than reviews of previous versions of your app. There are additional factors that impact your ranking. The number of people who actively engage with and keep your app installed over a long period of time has an influence of your app’s rank. The more your app is uninstalled, it sends a negative signal to the App’s Stores, that your app isn’t doing what people thought it would.

The App icon will help your click through rate when it is displayed in search results. Don’t underestimate the importance of how good your icon looks. Likewise, your app screenshots will help potential users quickly scan to see how well the app looks. Finally, social signals and backlinks are specific, more for the Google Play Store. If your app has a lot of plus one’s on Google Plus, that sends a good signal to Google to give your app more visibility.

Further, backlinks to your app on Google Play, by sites with a strong reputation will send good vibes to Google. Each of these elements has a different impact on how well your app shows up in search results. When you get all of them right, they give your app the best chance to rank higher.

Why Is App Store Optimization Important?

Why is ASO important? Search is the largest distribution channel for both iOS and Android apps, in the app store and Google Play, respectively. How large? Well, in a survey by Tune, 47% of respondents said that they found apps by searching within the iTunes app store. That is three times higher than the next most common method of finding apps, which was a recommendation from a friend or a family member. Additional data directly from Apple suggests that the percent of downloads from search has risen to 65%, and these numbers are not limited to this one survey either.

In a European based survey, 63% of respondents said that search within an app store was the most common way that they discovered new apps. Let’s put those percentages into context, with two more percentage based stats in a real number. 12% of daily active users, search for apps on the Google Play store. 50% of these people search weekly. In raw numbers, this is over six million unique phrases searched every month on the Google Play store alone.

These numbers have only gotten bigger since this data was published. If you want your app to rank high in search results on app stores, you will need to do everything you can to give your app the best chance possible to rank high.

Comparing The App Stores

My experience, as well as research from marketers who focus on ASO, suggests that the App Store and Google Play store work a little differently from each other in terms of just how much importance each factor has on a ranking’s search results. The app name is the most important component of how your app is discovered in both stores. Keywords are very important and influence how your app can be surfaced in the App Store and Google Play. However, Apple has a dedicated keyword field, so it’s important that you use it for the App Store. For Google Play, Google does not provide a dedicated keyword field.

App store Optimization

Rather, they leverage their larger search expertise and index your entire app description so your keywords are surfaced there as opposed to a dedicated keyword field. The quality of the ratings and reviews your app receives influences how well it ranks. This places an emphasis on you as the developer to make sure that you are building the highest quality app you can and providing the user with the best experience possible. For marketers, this places an emphasis on figuring out the best way for you to ask for users to leave you a review in the App Store.

Keep in mind that reviews are tied to the specific version of the app. So if you have a major release of your app coming, you’ll need to ask users to review your app again because reviews of the current version have more weight than reviews of the previous versions. Both app stores consider the number of downloads and the velocity of those downloads to determine your app’s ranking. When possible, try to coordinate your marketing efforts to drive a large number of downloads in a short period of time. For social signals and links back to your app, the Google Play store incorporates their indexing of the web and take into consideration how many links you have back to your app.

For web pages, this is known as page rank, how many and what quality of sites link back to you. Because Google’s business is based on indexing the web and these links, they can use this to help influence Google Play store rankings. Apple, on the other hand, is not in the index-the-web business. So they don’t use this as a ranking signal. Keep these differences and similarities in mind as you develop your ASO content based on the platforms your app supports.

How to get raise to wake IOS 10 feature in android

How to get raise to wake IOS 10 feature in android

How to get raise to wake IOS 10 feature in android
raise to wake

iPhone recently released and the Samsung Note 7 and Google Pixel just did not make it to Apple. Note 7 with the 30 exploded phones and Google with well, I did not find it worth the price. Being that said, all the three phones are good and have its own pros and cons.
Now let us see how to get few of the cool iPhone IOS 10 features.

What is raise to wake?
“Raise to Wake” is a unique ios 10 feature in iPhone. Once enabled, it allows you to automatically turn on the screen of your device whenever you pick it up. For instance, you no longer have to press the Home button or power button to wake your device’ screen. (more…)

How to set up a VPN for Android without any apps

How to set up a VPN for Android without any apps

A virtual private network, also known as a VPN, is a private network that extends across a public network or internet. It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. VPN has so many benefits for all types of users. It provides security, allows you to access remote networks from across the globe or it can help you when handling sensitive data for your job and don’t want to get fired.


But this is not the major reasons why Android users use VPN in their devices. It is almost all the time to simply download something from the play store that is otherwise not available for your location or region.  Setting up a VPN for your android device is a simple task. Today we will give you step by step instructions on how to setup a VPN for an Android device.

Though there are many apps that help you setup a VPN, I will we showing you how to do it without any app by using only the Android os (more…)

Download and Install Poot APK on your Android

Download and Install Poot APK on your Android

What is Poot Apk?

download poot apk

Poot is an android root app that allows you to root android devices with a click. Pleases keep in mind, rooting is a bit of complex process (with poot it has been lot easier but in general it’s still something scary. If you are not used to terms like flashing, rooting, and bootloader. I recommend you read What is rooting. Beginners guide to understand rooting. Once you are pretty much clear on the basic concepts of rooting you can go ahead and root your device. Yes, once rooted your phone is going to look next level. There are a lot of custom ROMs and cool apps like Wifikill and sniffing  to power up your device. That’s an entirely different story to discuss. You can have a look at few amazing root apps here.

Get started with installing poot apk

How to install poot apk? The first thing you need to do is to download the app. To download poot apk, go to the link below

Poot apk download link

Once the app is downloaded to the device, before opening the app go to settings and enable USB debugging. Following are the steps to enable USB debugging

  1. Open Settings> About> Software Information> More.

  2. Tap “Build number” seven times to enable Developer options. Now you will see a notification saying ‘you are now a developer’.

  3. In the Settings menu, you can see “Developer options” there.

  4. Tap it and turn on USB Debugging from the menu on the next screen.

Now install the app in the phone and wait for the app to finish. Once finished follow the steps.

  1.  You have to Download and install Ministro II ( Once you finished installing Ministro II, you might be confused to see that there is no option to actually open the app and use it. Don’t worry this app is providing necessary binaries to root your device.
  2. Now that ministro II is installed open poot apk.
  3. Poot will ask permission to download additional binaries required for rooting the device.
  4. Once poot is done downloading all the necessary binaries click on ‘Press here to poot’ option.
  5. The entire process will end up with an error code, don’t worry follow the steps.
  6. Download and install superuser by chainsDD There is an option within the poot app to get super user but I wouldn’t recommend you use those ones. Once you download the super su app from the above download link, continue to install supersu and open the app.
  7. When prompted, download the required binaries within the supersu and once prompted restart the device.
  8.  Now sit back till your phone is booted back up. there you go! now you have a rooted android device in hand.

For those who have trouble using this method, don’t worry. There is an alternative too. Please note that you will have to use your laptop or PC for this. Root android using Framaroot.

That’s all folks. Let me think how far you made it rooting the phone. Don’t worry if you get lost somewhere, drop a comment and we will respond in minutes.


Best business phones 2016: Top business smartphones

Best business phones 2016: Top business smartphones

Best business phones 2016: Top business smartphones for work

A quick look into the best business phones for work in 2016

A few years back when it came to choosing the best business phones for work, there were no doubt in choosing which one. It was always the Blackberry but that is not the case in 2016. You have a lot of device to choose from. A lot has changed ever since. There are a lot of companies to choose from unlike before. When it comes to choosing the best business phones there is Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and many new companies focusing more on business phones like Meizu and Xiomi.

For the same reason Blackberry is facing a lot of competition and is almost of the market. Here is the list of the best business phones for your daily needs and work. So without no further lags, here is the list of top business phones in 2016.

BlackBerry Passport: email heroes

blackberry passport

Even though the market for Blackberry in business phones are dying off, we cannot completely avoid blackberry from our list. Blackberry has proved to be one of the best and secure business phones ever built. it’s just that Blackberry couldn’t keep up to the competitors or should we say they really dint understand the needs of the customer.

The enormous point of preference with the BlackBerry Passport is the association’s brilliant backing for business clients.

IT divisions can take control of the handset utilizing BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES 10), with security gave by BlackBerry itself guaranteeing all your messages and messages are completely scrambled.

Then BlackBerry Balance keeps your work and individual profiles separate on the handset, permitting work to control the business side while you have full control over the individual side.


How to fix “stuck in boot screen error in Meizu phones”?

How to fix “stuck in boot screen error in Meizu phones”?

Meizu is a fresh new Chinese company producing amazing new android device with their custom android OS named ‘Flyme’. Meizu is an amazing device with powerful specs for a very negotiable and cheap price. In the last 2 years Meizu has seen drastic growth after they launched M series.

M series included M1 note, M2 note, M2 mini, MX5 and recently the new M3 note.

Though Meizu has tried its level best to avoid all common issues with their interactive and easy to use custom android, there are several instances where people get stuck in the boot screen. This guide will help you to get an idea on how to fix theboot screen error in Meizu.

So How to fix “stuck in boot screen error in Meizu phones”?

Step 1- By now you wont be booting in your device and you will be seeing the Fyme OS logo spinning forever in the boot screen. Dont panic, being an android user you will encounter this error frequently. This is generally called a bricking your phone. Congrats you have bricked your phone. This is a soft brick which can be solved easily.

Step 2- In the case of Meizu devices, you cannot power the device off once got in a soft brick. So first thing you do is to power up the phone.

From the loading screen

Press and hold the volume down and power button until the screen goes black. The phone is being restarted. Keep pressing the volume down and power button until you see the Meizu logo. When you see the Meizu logo release the power button. This will take you to the Meizu recovery mode.

Step 3- Plug the device to charge, flashing the device with a new ROM without power may lead to a hard brick as interruptions during flashing ROM can seriously ruin the hardware.

Step 4- Go to Meizu official site and download your device firmware in your laptop or PC. Once downloaded, connect the device with PC. Recovery partition will pop up.

Step 5- Like usual when you connect the device is connected to the laptop or PC, you can open the device but this time you will see an empty partition named recovery.

Step 6- Now copy the downloaded firmware of your phone and place it in the recovery partition. Just copy to recovery partition

Step 7- Now in the phone select update firmware and clear data and press next.

That’s it. the phone will reboot and install the firmware. Please not that flashing is a complicated process and while flashing a new firmware you should be careful and patient. The flashing process will take around 20 minutes.

Voila your Meizu phone is fixed.

When do stuck in boot screen error in Meizu phones comes?

Usually this error comes when you flash wrong firmware for your phone or delete/modify root files.

There are chances you may brick your phone tweaking system settings, so far there are no proper custom roms available for meizu devices. So until we have a good set of developers and a good rom lets all wait and see.