Branding Strategy of Netflix

Branding Strategy of Netflix

A look into the Branding Strategy used by Netflix

Before we look into the branding strategy used by Netflix, let us understand the brief history of Netflix. Netflix was found in 1997 by Reed Hasting and Marc Randolph. Initially, the company started off as a DVD rental company which later grew to a 29 Million subscriber company in 2016. By late 1997 Netflix launched it’s website and made the service available online( This was the first best thing Netflix did. They were on the market at the correct time. At the time there weren’t many selling the same service offered by Netflix that made them unique in the market.

Competitors of Netflix

Eventually like all business, even Netflix soon met the enemy. Amazon Prime TV and HBO were doing very well along with other companies like Hulu and At&t’s Uverse. Netflix soon became a thing. they were doing so good that they so close to 46% hike in users over the years. How did they do it? Branding. Netflix had one of the best branding campaigns ever done.

Branding strategies used by Netflix

The internet of things

Like previously discussed, Netflix was able to get into one of the fastest growing market, i.e the internet. The brand made its way into the market way back when the internet was gaining attention. This really helped them a lot in the later stage. They had a huge set of audience to sell to when they actually set off online.

Cross-Device Compatibility and HD

Cross-device compatibility and HD streaming blew people’s mind. 2010 was the time when smartphones and tabs started filling people’s hand and Netflix saw this opportunity. Netflix was available everywhere and in HD too. It was easily accessible from your home, office and some even took it to the washroom. There was no competitor who did the same at the time giving them a sustainable competitive advantage.

Netflix leveraged Digital Marketing

Netflix is there everywhere, let it be facebook, YouTube, twitter and you name it. Not many use the internet as their prime strategy. Take the case of HBO’s Game Of Thrones yes, it did really well. But they were not everywhere and it took a while to reach that huge set of audience they have now. Regardless of the current standing of the show, if it was a Netflix production I bet you would have seen it 10 times before it had launched. Netflix’s ad campaigns were adrenaline pumping, meaning no matter what age or race you are from Netflix managed to capture your attention with their 30 sec, 15 sec, and 6-second ads. Yes, all their video adverts were 30, 15 sec and 6 seconds. And they kept all their trailers under 2:55 second.

Netflix Logo and Interface- Brand Personification of Netflix

Netflix always had a thing about the logo and that thing got put Netflix more like a mysterious person. Look at the UI used in Netflix. Though Netflix streams a lot of fun and Drama, the interface is sleek, minimalist and dark in appearance. Mysterious well interface

Netflix’s brand personification as a mysterious person is quite fascinating even when it comes to the logo. Watch the video

‘Netflix And Chill’ – Confused branding? Well, it paid off!

Netflix and chill became a thing by early 2015. It was not clear though what it meant. The internet was over it and yes “Netflix and chill” were abused should I say. It became a verb, credits to marketers but not in a good way it was a thing for “Wanna have sex tonight?”. Either way, Netflix saw a boost in subscribers. It worked!

Even though Netflix history as a very successful brand, did have a bad day once in 2011.

Netflix had close to 16 million subscribers in 2o11. Reed Hasting made a very bad decision that was later described as the disastrous after Coca-Cola. From 16 Million, by the end of the month, the subscription plunged to 4 million. That was something Netflix never expected.

What went wrong with Netflix in 2011

Netflix rebranded the DVD mail service to Qwikster. Netflix by then had a lot of subscribers on the online platform and was considerably grown a lot big after coming online but the people always remembered Netflix as a very reliable and good DVD-Rental service. Later Reed hasting apologized. Netflix’s subscription grew back to a massive 29 million in 2016.

Brand Experience

Netflix is valued to have a very good brand experience even though there have been setbacks. Netflix always maintained standards in quality of the content that are streamed and also made sure the compatibility to use Netflix was made minimum. These made the audience happy. This also allowed Netflix to reach out to more audience and deliver content. The subscription cost was hiked in 2016 by $1 to $2 on each level of subscription. Since Netflix has made their service available in HD and 4K resolution this hike was justified. All in all, the viewer’s experience and perception towards the brand is good.

NETFLIX Brand Elements

Name: Why the ‘Netflix’

Netflix’s name is derived from ‘Internet’ and the synonym for movie ‘flicks’, putting them together we get ‘Netflix’.

Logo:  The logo was evolved throughout the ages since the foundation of the company. Initially, the logo was basic one with a film role and the text written in Blue ‘Universe Ultra Condensed’.

Later this was evolved to a full white text on Red background initially and later on developed to Red ‘Graphique’ font Text on White background.


The Tagline is more than just a three worded sentence. The keywords ‘See’ and ‘Next’ is to be noted. The word ‘See’ can be attributed to a lot of things such as

  • Connecting people
  • Looking forward
  • Exploring
  • Streaming

Similarly, the word ‘Next’ can be attributed to

  • Creating an anticipation on what Netflix will do next
  • Innovation
  • Curiosity
  • The next episode


Netflix Logo, Sound and Color

There is a reason why these three elements are taken into consideration together.

The logo as mentioned before is a red text on a white background. The logo and the animation sound is basically a combination of few of the best streamed shows in Netflix. The logo sound is from one of the best of Netflix ‘The House of Cards’ and the color format take from the all-time anticipated and viewed tv series ‘Blacklist’.

Frank Underwood. Red. The perfect quip. It’s a three-part system for Netflix’s new brand, and while it sounds almost stupid-simple, the system is a clever, scalable gradient to promote stars like Kevin Spacey or the business of Netflix itself. – Gretel

Brand Identity Trap

Netflix, when rebranded with Gretel in 2014, wanted the Netflix to be in a premium entertaining position though they succeeded in achieving the same the brand also got the ‘Netflix and chill’ identity that they never anticipated would come in. This perception of the brand is still carried on.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement

Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement

Advantages and disadvantages of advertisements with examples

The term, ‘advertising‘ has been derived from the Latin word Adverto which suggests driving the eye towards one thing.Advertising is a large business. it’s usually claimed that billions of dollars ar spent annually on advertising around the world. we are going to take this claim at its face value since it’s hard to make a lot of precise estimates. Advantages and disadvantages of advertisements essay points are mentioned here. You can also use this article for ‘Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement’ references. advertisement advantages and dissadvantages

Advertising is, however, an organization encourages individuals to shop for their merchandise, services or concepts.An advertisement is something that attracts sensible attention towards these items.Advertisers influence our emotions by techniques that embrace stereotyping and targeting the audience in line with who we are.Advertising may be a method of telling us what’s available on the market. so we all know what to shop for. and it permits competitor firms to induce abreast of one another within the pitiless competition for the minds, hearts, and wallets of the general public.

Advertising plays a vital role within the introduction of a brand new product within the market. It stimulates the individuals to buy the merchandise.It permits the manufacturer to expand his market. It helps in exploring new markets for the merchandise and retentive the present markets.Advertising is greatly useful in meeting the forces of competition rife in the market. It aims at establishing an immediate link between the manufacturer and also the shopper, thereby eliminating the promoting intermediaries. painters, photographers, singers, cartoonists, musicians, models, and folks operating in numerous advertising agencies.
internet advertising is right for businesses with a national or international target market and large-scale distribution capabilities. As a rule, a lot of individuals your business serves, the foremost efficient net advertising may be. internet advertising also can be a lot of targeted than some ancient media, making certain that your messages are seen by the foremost relevant audiences.
Advertising is geared toward stimulating a requirement for a specific product by creating individuals tuned into the new merchandise and also the existing uses of the recent merchandise. It attracts attention, creates interest and arouses need among the customers.
Advertising creates a higher need for a higher living.It stimulates exertions and improves the commonplace of living of the individuals. it’s conjointly useful for the purchasers that s after we recognize that we’ve got to shop for the merchandise of a specific brand, we tend to shall not waste our time in looking for for the most effective one. we will build an alternative even before we tend to visit the market.
Advertisements give links or contact numbers of the merchandise or the service so the customers will report their grievances against the utilization of bound merchandise so the standard may be bettered. Hence, it brings the customers and also the producers nearer to every alternative.

While on the one hand, advertising is thought to be the life-blood of contemporary business; on the opposite hand, some students are of the view that money spent on advertising may be a waste.An organization must pay a great amount of advertising. It will increase the value of the merchandise. to satisfy this expenditure, worth of the product is raised. No manufacturer pays for the advertising expenses out of his pocket. many a time distorted version of reality is shown within the advertising. basic cognitive process in advertising, customers get the merchandise. On its use, they feel cheated.Every manufacturer comes to his product as superior one within the promotional material. Therefore, the customer is unable to make your mind up on that product is actually good.
Many times, foul language and objectionable pictures ar employed in advertising so as to draw in a specific category. they will be insulting to a specific category. It causes decay of social values.Children cannot build up on alternative or cannot differentiate between real life and also the life portrayed within the world of ad. trade says that they aim the appropriate audiences and that they don’t encourage the carefree behavior. Ads targeting children ar released even before the claims ar verified like the complaint.

Also, read the advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Conclusion for Advantages and disadvantages of advertisements

On the one hand, there ar people who believe that advertising is a type of art. Like poetry and painting, its purpose is to influence the audience by sharpening its perceptions and inducement emotional responses through involving the senses that are at its disposal. Advertising intends to seduce, persuade, and alter minds and pictures. It uses language to create illusions and make individuals daydream as a result of such is that the purpose of art. On the opposite hand, their are people who say that advertising may be a business. like every alternative business its primary objective is to form profit, in this case, by helping alternative businesses build profit.

Important disadvantages of advertising are as follows:

While on the one hand, advertising is thought to be the lifeblood of contemporary business; on the opposite hand, some scholars are of the read that money spent on advertising may be a waste. people who hold this opinion are, as a matter of reality, the critics of advertising and that they hint at its evils.

According to the critics, advertising has the subsequent disadvantages:

Adds to Costs:

An organization must pay the massive amount on advertising. It will increase the value of the product. to satisfy this expenditure, a value of the merchandise is raised. No manufacturer pays for the advertising expenses out of his pocket. Advertising, therefore, ends up in the unnecessary rise in costs. during this reference, it’s aforementioned that advertising prices ar passed on to the shoppers within the sort of high costs.

Undermines Social Values:

The advertising may be a variety of day-dreaming for the individuals. of late it’s taking the individuals far from reality and into the realm of unnaturalness. Through its medium, individuals get data regarding the new product.

Only only a few product are of any use for them. The brilliance of recent product extremely gets on their nerves. they require to shop for them, however, haven’t any resources at their command. Consequently, they begin feeling upset with their gift standing. Taking it as a social evil, it is aforementioned that advertising undermines social values.

Confuses the Buyers:

Many a time distorted version of reality is shown within the advertising. basic cognitive process in advertising, shoppers purchases the merchandise. On its use, they feel cheated.
They come to comprehend later that the data given within the advertising was one thing else whereas the particular product was quite completely different from it. Thus, individuals lose confidence in advertising attributable to the incorrect presentation. during this reference, it’s aforementioned that advertising confuses instead of help.

Encourages Sale of Inferior Products:

Every manufacturer comes to his product as superior one within the advertising. Therefore, the client is unable to make your mind up on that product is actually smart.

Consequently, it’s tough to urge smart quality product even when paying a handsome value for it. If a trafficker gets the great value for a few inferior product, it becomes a habit with him. It affects different sellers conjointly. Therefore, it’s aforementioned that advertising encourages the sale of an inferior product.

Some advertising is in dangerous Taste:

Many times, foul language and objectionable footage ar utilized in advertising so as to draw in a specific category. they will be insulting to a specific category. It causes decay of social values.

Such types of advertising are usually opposed by the individuals because it hurts their feelings. during this reference, it’s aforementioned that some advertisements are in dangerous tastes.


What is Chrome OS?

What is Chrome OS?

What is Chrome OS?

Chrome starts off as an online browser engineered by Google. As an online browser, it’s used for accessing websites, operating with internet applications, victimization cloud storage to access files and documents, to browse social medias like Facebook or Twitter, so conjointly access recreation and media services like Google Play, Netflix, Spotify, or Ardeo. Now, with that, many of us ar moving to the browser. Over time, additional and additional individuals began to use solely the net browser for his or her daily work. for instance, there ar many of us that use Google Apps rather than Microsoft workplace or use on-line banking rather than Quicken, or hear music victimization streaming services rather than downloading and buying music on iTunes.


And conjointly operating with files on services like Dropbox or Google Drive, rather than storing them on their native laptop. With these changes to the approach that folks work with their computers and with their apps and services and files, Google checked out Chrome because the new desktop for what individuals do every and each day. however, at the time, Chrome had to be put in on a laptop with associate degree software packages like Windows, OS X, or Linux. If everything that folks were doing is in a very applications program, Google then asks the question, what if Chrome was the operative system? thereupon, Chrome OS and therefore the Chromebook were born.

With the software package gone, though, there are some distinct variations too, however, Chrome OS works compared to a conventional {laptop|laptop |portable computer} or computer.

Now, You may have a ton of questions like

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Now let’s answer all of that briefly

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chrome OS

Advantages of Chrome OS

The biggest advantage of the Chromebook and different devices running Chrome OS is that…out of the box, there’s primarily nothing to line up and zilch to assemble. Since the Chromebook does not have a standard package beneath, you primarily power it up, give your Google account data, and you are sensible to go. Any updates are handled mechanically, and there’s no need for anti-virus package or different sorts of system protection. you’ll begin being productive right from the start. conjointly as a result of Chrome OS is actually simply running an internet browser, it’s extraordinarily quick since it does not get to run Any of the opposite ancient parts of a package like Windows or OS X.

With the system 100 percent dedicated to running an internet browser, it does not get to share system resources with the rest. Now, since Chrome OS is supercharged entirely by a browser, it’s very simple and simple to use. If you’ll use an internet browser, you’ll use a Chromebook with no need to grasp an excessive amount of additional on the far side the browser.

Disadvantages of Chrome OS

With the simplicity that comes with Chrome OS, there are a number of limitations that are placed on you once you use it. the primary and doubtless largest limitation area unit that Chrome OS is essentially dependent on a live web association. though there’s some storage obtainable on…a Chromebook or Chrome device to save lots of files. several of the applications and options of Chrome OS will not operate while not a web association. as an example, though I take a Google Docs document that I produce on-line and move it to the storage internal to the Chromebook. If I am going offline, I will see the file on my Chromebook. however, if I attempt to open it to edit it or work with it, the Google apps internet app cannot load since it needs a live web association.

There are the variety of apps which will work on-line. However, the app needs some association to an internet service. It will not work or it will add a restricted capability. equally to a pill, I will solely use websites or apps…that area unit either an {part of} the browser or part of the Chrome store.


App Store Optimisation (ASO)- Rank your App in App Store and PlayStore

App Store Optimisation (ASO)- Rank your App in App Store and PlayStore

App Store Optimisation (ASO)- Rank your App in App Store and PlayStore


What Is App Store Optimization?

What is ASO? App Store Optimization or ASO is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store for IOS, or Google Play for Android. Similar to SEO or Search Engine Optimization for websites, ASO is for mobile apps. Specifically, App Store Optimization includes the process of ranking highly in an app store search results and top charts. And the higher an app ranks, the more downloads it gets. There are several components that contribute to and influence your apps ranking within Google Play and the App store.

The five key elements are The name of your app, your app’s description, the keywords that describe your app, the number and quality of user ratings, and the number of downloads your app gets. Let’s talk about each of these in more detail. The name of your app should be as descriptive as possible while striking a balance between having a concise brandable title versus a spammy title that is completely filled with keywords. If you plan on releasing outside of your Native Country, localize the name and title of your app for each market.

If you have multiple names you think would work, and aren’t sure which one you should use, you can experiment with different app names and see which one ranks higher and drives more downloads. For your app’s description, keep your best content above the fold. Don’t make the reader click the read more button in order to understand what your app is about. And be sure to keep the description readable. Keyword research is very important to the success of your ASO efforts, so be sure to do this research and include keywords relevant to the app.

Consider including keywords used by competitors, if they are relevant to your app. You’ll want to prioritize keywords based on their relevance to the app. How difficult it is to rank for that keyword in the search volume. Newer apps should target keywords that are easier to rank for, while more established apps can target keywords with higher difficulty scores. The volume and quality of ratings is a strong ranking signal for both Google Play and the App Store.

The ratings of your current version matter more than ratings of a previous version, so keep this in mind if you are updating your app, and be sure to find a good way to ask users to review the current version of your app. The number and velocity of downloads of your app are likely the strongest signals to the respect of App Stores as nothing says this is a popular App, as much as getting tens or hundreds of thousands of downloads within a few days of your App being released. An app that has a download volume that starts out high, and increases initially, and remains fairly high, will outrank similar apps that have fewer downloads, and whose download volume falls off quickly.

Also, the number and quality reviews are ratings for the most recent version of the app, have a larger impact than reviews of previous versions of your app. There are additional factors that impact your ranking. The number of people who actively engage with and keep your app installed over a long period of time has an influence of your app’s rank. The more your app is uninstalled, it sends a negative signal to the App’s Stores, that your app isn’t doing what people thought it would.

The App icon will help your click through rate when it is displayed in search results. Don’t underestimate the importance of how good your icon looks. Likewise, your app screenshots will help potential users quickly scan to see how well the app looks. Finally, social signals and backlinks are specific, more for the Google Play Store. If your app has a lot of plus one’s on Google Plus, that sends a good signal to Google to give your app more visibility.

Further, backlinks to your app on Google Play, by sites with a strong reputation will send good vibes to Google. Each of these elements has a different impact on how well your app shows up in search results. When you get all of them right, they give your app the best chance to rank higher.

Why Is App Store Optimization Important?

Why is ASO important? Search is the largest distribution channel for both iOS and Android apps, in the app store and Google Play, respectively. How large? Well, in a survey by Tune, 47% of respondents said that they found apps by searching within the iTunes app store. That is three times higher than the next most common method of finding apps, which was a recommendation from a friend or a family member. Additional data directly from Apple suggests that the percent of downloads from search has risen to 65%, and these numbers are not limited to this one survey either.

In a European based survey, 63% of respondents said that search within an app store was the most common way that they discovered new apps. Let’s put those percentages into context, with two more percentage based stats in a real number. 12% of daily active users, search for apps on the Google Play store. 50% of these people search weekly. In raw numbers, this is over six million unique phrases searched every month on the Google Play store alone.

These numbers have only gotten bigger since this data was published. If you want your app to rank high in search results on app stores, you will need to do everything you can to give your app the best chance possible to rank high.

Comparing The App Stores

My experience, as well as research from marketers who focus on ASO, suggests that the App Store and Google Play store work a little differently from each other in terms of just how much importance each factor has on a ranking’s search results. The app name is the most important component of how your app is discovered in both stores. Keywords are very important and influence how your app can be surfaced in the App Store and Google Play. However, Apple has a dedicated keyword field, so it’s important that you use it for the App Store. For Google Play, Google does not provide a dedicated keyword field.

App store Optimization

Rather, they leverage their larger search expertise and index your entire app description so your keywords are surfaced there as opposed to a dedicated keyword field. The quality of the ratings and reviews your app receives influences how well it ranks. This places an emphasis on you as the developer to make sure that you are building the highest quality app you can and providing the user with the best experience possible. For marketers, this places an emphasis on figuring out the best way for you to ask for users to leave you a review in the App Store.

Keep in mind that reviews are tied to the specific version of the app. So if you have a major release of your app coming, you’ll need to ask users to review your app again because reviews of the current version have more weight than reviews of the previous versions. Both app stores consider the number of downloads and the velocity of those downloads to determine your app’s ranking. When possible, try to coordinate your marketing efforts to drive a large number of downloads in a short period of time. For social signals and links back to your app, the Google Play store incorporates their indexing of the web and take into consideration how many links you have back to your app.

For web pages, this is known as page rank, how many and what quality of sites link back to you. Because Google’s business is based on indexing the web and these links, they can use this to help influence Google Play store rankings. Apple, on the other hand, is not in the index-the-web business. So they don’t use this as a ranking signal. Keep these differences and similarities in mind as you develop your ASO content based on the platforms your app supports.

Connecting with Satellites

Connecting with Satellites

One of the big problems with technologies like DSL and cable modems is that they require you to be roughly within 18,000 feet of some central office. Cable modems really don’t have an 18,000 foot limitation. They do have a limitation, but it’s really kind of invisible to us as users. Well, we can’t all do that and that’s where technologies like satellite really make the difference. This is a satellite receiver and well I should add, let me be more accurate, this is a satellite transmitter and receiver.

And this is fairly typical of the internet-based satellite connections that you can get. Satellite isn’t nearly as fast as DSL and cable. Usually topping out at best maybe about three megabits per second. And that’s synchronous. However, that information’s a bit dated. Today’s satellites are asynchronous with downloads which we can see around 12 megabits per second and uploads around three megabits per second. When you can’t get anything else, as long as you can see a satellite you can use a satellite receiver. Now, the satellite itself, in terms of the receiver, isn’t too terribly interesting.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Satellite communication

We have technicians who will come out, and they’ll install this and point it at the right satellite and get it up and running for us. But coming out of this guy are two RG6 cables. One for the transmission and one for receiving. And they go over to the satellite modem. So, here’s the satellite modem, if you look in the front it’s not too terribly exciting. But in the back you’ll see we’ve got two connections. These are F-type connections, one for transmit, one receives and we plug this in. And then we’ve got power. And then, right here, we just have a nice little RJ45 connection.

So it really works out incredibly well. The concept of modem works pretty much the same for DSL, cable, satellite. You got something that plugs us into our technology but the end result is that it always comes out as an RJ45. There’s one term on the network plugs you might wanna be aware of and that’s called satellite latency. Even though you might reach a certain speed with satellite, simply because of the vast distance involved you may find yourself in a situation where the satellites are a little bit slow on the response, simply because it’s a long way up and a long way down.