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In a world where online sites like YouTube and Instagram keep smartphone users hooked for hours, SnapTube is one such application which allows people to download videos and music from a huge array of online video streaming sites. It has been a significant period of time since YouTube came into being and today, people are looking for options and apps which will allow them to binge on their favorite videos and songs offline without the use of high speed internet. SnapTube does just that for everyone out there. This lightweight application allows you to download videos ranging from a variety of resolution on your smartphone with a single click making it available to watch even when your offline. One of the main plus points of SnapTube is that the application does not require a fast 4G connection to carry out the process, with a moderate internet connection more than enough for it function optimally. It will help you in downloading all the videos directly and easily with no effort of searching and the SnapTube app is available in all official languages across the world where all languages users can access it in English, Chinese, Spanish and many hundreds of languages along with the added functionality of an easy to use application interface. Additionally, the application has a wide array of search options, including a catalog with 11 subcategories, a separate section for popular videos trending around the world, a section for videos with the most views as well as another section containing daily recommendations for you. The application is also ad-free which allows hassle free binging as well.

Another striking feature of SnapTube is that the application will allow you to convert and download videos in the form of MP3 files. A feature quite convenient for every on-the-go person who has music as an important daily requisite. Now a majority of smartphone users today are Android faithful with Google’s operating system raking in a lot of takers. Snaptube works flawlessly with the android operating system and the minimum required OS [operating system] of android is from 2.3.6 Gingerbread and above.

Here are a series of simple steps that will allow you to download SnapTube Video and Music Downloader for your Android smartphone:

  • Download the Snaptube app from us or even any third party client available for free on the internet.
  • After the 1.9MB file is downloaded onto your smartphone or system, Goto –> Download –> Downloaded .apk File –> Click on File then automatically application setup
  • Once the app is installed on your device, you will see the application icon added to your home screen. Reboot your device once before launching SnapTube for the first time.
  • On the very first attempt you use SnapTube, Click on the ” Open ” button to explore more features to check out in this tutorial where you directly land on the SnapTube app home screen where all the features will be displayed and are explained in length below.