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Who invented the internet?

If you ask us who invented the telephone or the TV, we can answer in a single name- but that is not at all the case when it comes to the history of the internet. In fact, the internet was not created by any one person, but it was created by a series of people and it evolved a lot as well. The initial idea of the internet was brought forward by the Leonard Klein rock right after the publishing of the paper named “Information Flow in Large Communication Nets” as on May 31, in the year 1961.

Who invented the internet

Right after that, in the year 1962 JCR Licklider became the director of the IPTO and then he gave the idea of the network that would run all across the globe. With the ideas of both Licklider and Kleinrock, another person named as Robert Taylor launched an idea of the network that took shape of the ARPANET- which is the first known form of the internet and was used for the military purposes.

The internet was created in the age of the 1960s in the California, US. The meeting for the same was first held by the Network Working Group and the meeting was held y the Elmer Shapiro based on the works of the prior pioneers of the internet. After the collaboration of a lot of ideas given by Paul Baran, Thomas Marill and others, the first Interface Message Processor or the IMP came into existence.

The University of California released a press note on the introduction of the internet to be published to the commoners in the year 1969, on 3rd July. In the month of August, the first network switch took place and the IMP was transferred to the UCLA. That is the first time when the data was transferred.

who invented the internet?

On Friday, October the 29th, right at 10:30 pm in the year 1969, the first Internet message was sent from the computer science professor’s computer from the UCLA. Slowly and gradually the internet began to be used by the commoners and after the launch of the internet, there was no looking back. People started taking interest in the network but till date, if you ask someone about the name of the father of the internet- since it is not a single name to be taken. This magnanimous system was created only after a series of brainstorming ideas from a number of pioneers.

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  • ARPAnet existed for years before Vin Cerf helped it transfer from the bang-delineated assemblage of internets to the much superior TCP/IP one we use today.