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Google AdSense is one of the most paying highly reliable Ad network. With millions of Advertisers and Publishers, Google AdSense is the most performing ad networks out there. Google AdSense is also one of the most paying and hence publishers favorite. This bought in a lot of attraction to Google Ad Sense. With every Google update Google made sure all the  advertisers are well served.

Increasing Ad revenue has been a huge challenge ever since. Here in this article we will see how to increase Google AdSense revenue.

Please make sure you always follow the Google AdSense policies at all cost. This article includes methods and strategies to increase your AdSense revenue 40% more. This involves violating certain Google Adsense policies too. Please make sure you read the Google AdSense policy properly.

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So keeping all these things in mind lets see how to increase Google AdSense revenue.

Ad Placing

The usual ad placing methods, you might have read and seen in a lot of sites how they speak great about Leader Board and Banner ads. Actually these don't do you any good. Usually you may find these kind of Ads in many sites but the fact is that you will end up with very less clicks.  The best Ad placement is placing Ads in between articles. This will increase CTR and CPC.

Google Ad Sense Optimization. Targeting Audience and Ad Placement strategies.

Keyword Research

Write more articles with expensive keywords. Do proper keyword research and find out high paying keywords under your niche and write articles around that keyword. Using this method will increase your CPC (Cost per Click) increases the revenue. Experimentally I wrote on a expensive keyword under my niche. I wrote a few articles to support the main article and in days I saw changes in the CPC. Please keep in mind that this experiment is not yet re verified using different keyword or on a different niche. Please let me know your findings if any in the comments.

Ad Size as and type

Ad size and type is very important when it comes to Ad placing and optimizing strategy. here I will give you a few facts that you were only to learn after a long while.

  • Google recommended ads never perform good. Use an IAB rising star ads which will pay you better.

an IAB rising star ads

  •  Placing Ads in the top right using a leader board or adding ads in the widget area wont increase clicks. The very normal browser knows that they are merely ads.
  • Keep the ads between content to increase CPC and CTR ( Click Through Rate)

Always keep in mind that the placing more than 3 ads in a page wont do any harm as long as you have rich and long content.

Use the magic tools

There are certain tools that can boost your traffic like hell. But make sure you don't use these methods before Google AdSense PIN verification.

We will discuss two plugins here for boosting the ad revenue. Yes this will only help you have a blog or a site set up in a WordPress.

Sticky AdBar

Like I mentioned before using this plugin for Ad Placement is violation of AdSense Policy and is not recommended for users with PIN not verified.  These ad placement is very much effective is available for premium AdSense users only as of now.

Warning: Google Adsense do not permit to "place Google ads in a floating script that causes the ad to appear in a “sticky" position on the page as the user scrolls down". Please, check your program's ad placement policies.

There are lot of people who have experimented and seen improved results. A risk that is worth if you want to see some spike in the income. Sticky Ad bar is good for high traffic sites. Worth trying.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget

A very good way to solve the doubt of to click or not on the ads. These ads will hover around when you scroll through the site. This is also violation of Ad policies. AdSense doesn't allow ads to be placed in a sticky sidebar.

These ads are referred to as “sticky ads” and they are not permitted. We will take action when we come across this kind of implementation.

Q2W3 is a really good plugin and if you have what it takes a risk, good luck with it.

While these plugins are assured to bring in spike in your revenue please keep in mind that these methods are violating a lot of AdSense policy and may get your account banned. Please make sure you have a PIN verified account before you use any of these methods.





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