Windows 10 hits the first bug. The reboot loop.

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windows10 bug

windows10 bug

With the introduction of windows 10 by Microsoft the company is facing multiple responses from its users. Several cases of better speed and usability is one side and many other crashes and slower down of the system is also observed. The new update of the windows 10 has shown the negative aspect of it.
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The first and one of the most important update of the windows 10 named KB3081424 is intended to fix the pre-existing errors of windows 10. The result was an extreme contrast.
For many users the update failed immensely and the user was forced to reboot without the will, the update crashes and again restarts after rebooting. This formed continues loop and ended crashing the computer.
The Microsoft forum had come with a solution by deleting one of the registry files. As the files of the registry are very sensitive and important, computer experts are requesting not to perform the action as it may cause further problems to the computer. Yet, the solution is found to be working for many.
The company has given the promise that they would fix the update bug with another update, but the fans have already lost their char. How can an update to fix a bug can become a bug itself? Is the company really irresponsible or the reason is genuine? We will never know. Let’s hope for a bigger surprise to make up with the disappointment! Anyway you can expect a fix for this in the coming updates and there's nothing to worry about.

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