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do not use paid traffic

do not use paid traffic

When I started this blog, this is 1 month I am talking about how I managed to drive in nearly 20,000 viewers. I did it with paid traffic of course. I was happy to see the number of traffic and all the spike in the matrices. This not only did make me go crazy and I opted in for more traffic driving sources. It took me a while to realize that it was all a mistake.
These are dreadful facts that I came upon. Something that took my rankings and my revenue down. I am being frank here, I make a couple of $100's of dollars from this month site here and not one of those big guys who make tons out of blogging.

It took me ages, worked around with blogger, tried sub domains and finally ended up with a hosted WordPress account.

Through these ages I was a lot concerned of the traffic I needed and that was why I finally decided to opt in for paid traffic services.

These are the few reasons you shouldn't opt in for paid traffic generating services.

They are not organic, real referral or anything.

None of those are quality or real viewers. They are not organic. They are just cheap redirected viewers and that just wont do you any good. You will not get any shares, Facebook likes, nor any of those in any of the social websites. They are not here because they want to read your site. They are here only because they are redirected and not because they are interested in your blog. Just as it sounds, annoying and disappointing.

They wont bring you any revenue, they just kill all your income.

I call these cheap traffic as zombie traffic. They just come eat and kill your revenue. This is what happened to me, when i started to invite the zombies they came in and just left instantly. Went of from the home page and did not care to see any of the post in the site.

I used to have $20-$40 as RPM form Google AdSense as my traffic is mostly organic. When I started to get these zombie traffic the RPM just went down to $3-$0.60 I don't have to tell you more why I opted out.

They will eat your analytic s out.

Higher exit rates and page time. Bounce rates almost reached 10% It really made me cry. It was like giving a stick and getting beaten up. This is one of the reason for the site to get ranked down. So next time make sure you think twice when you choose to buy traffic. I you want to increase your Alexa traffic this not a good choice ( i thought at least it will increase my Alexa rankings).

So what to do to increase your traffic. You really need to work on your blog. Bring more content and write frequently. Use social media and other networks to bring quality traffic. I would say concentrate more on organic traffic and organic traffic only. Use these 4 ways to increase your traffic.