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When iPhone claims to be strong and powerful, you wont believe if I tell you that you can crash anybody's iPhone simply by sending a text message. This can be done to any device but then its just not as easy as any of those device to fix it back to normal stage.

So before we start please not that this post purely meant for educational purpose and I am not responsible for any of the losses or damages incurred.

So, when does something crash? have you heard of DDOS attack? Its a attack done on sites and servers to overload and crash it temporary or permanently. The same logic is used here. There is coding or hard stuff involved instead we will be using simple emoji.
This is what we are about to do, we are going to send a lot of emoji to the victims phone, when I say 'lot' it means a lot! you will have to use a computer if you don't want to kill your phone along with your victims phone. This will over load the iPhone's memory and crash the app every time he/she opens the app.  

How to send the attack

Like I said, if you are planning to do an attack with your own phone then you will be the one enjoying the crashed phone, so this is what you have to do, you can use a PC. I am using Blue stacks in my windows PC and will be sending the 60,000 emoji to the whats app messenger. 
So how to get 60,000 emojis?

If we copy and paste that heart 10 times, we will be left with 10
hearts. Do the same with the 10 hearts. You will have 100. Do the same,
and you will have 1000. Do the same and you will have 10,000. Copy and
paste that 6 times, and you have 60,000. actually has a use.

Once you are ready with the emoji you might have noticed your device slowing down, imagine if a PC slows down what would the iPhone be suffering now? (feeling creepy already huh?)
Send the message and wait for it.

While in the iPhone

This might not be a lovely scene for your friend or the victim, whenever he opens the app(in my case it is whats app) the app just crashes, freeze for a while and then will be returning to the home screen again. So literally he wont be able to use the app as it cant take up the load.
So is there a way around something like a patch? well.. NO. The only way you can prevent you can prevent yourself from having an attack this similar is to block the person who you think might do an attack.
Wait, so there is no way around this if you want to help your friend out?
Don't worry all you have to do is a hard reset and don't worry about the data it wont be gone.
To reset the device

Hold home and power button, forcing a hard reset

after this ask a friend to send a message to the crashing app. now go to the app and clear of the chat that you were spamming/got spammed with.

To Conclude

No one and nothing is safe, when a trusted company like Apple's devices being crashed so easily be aware.
Since you know how to save yourself(Now you do) it wont be a problem. DDOS attacking is not ethical and HTD does not promote it in any manner. for any further quires comment below.